Moving to Nashville in the 1990s, Tom Keifer of Cinderella found not only a new place to call home but a new way to express his talents.

Nine years and 14 songs later, Tom Keifer brought his distinct voice back to the masses. Currently on tour Tom took time out to talk about where life and music has taken him. His journey from frontman of Cinderella to a solo project that blends rock, country, and blues. The Way Life Goes gives fans a wide range of time and reflections from his journey.

Keifer moved to Nashville after the music industry discovered “grunge.” Keifer moved to a song writers paradise. Initially, he did not set out to create his current project. He wrote for himself and friends he made in Nashville. Even Tom was surprised when he had enough material for an album. His next step was finding a new band, one that he could have the harmony he found with Cinderella.

In this interview, Tom Keifer talks about the new album and his process getting there. He looks back at how the industry has changed for artists and the fears of finding a new band members he would share the tour bus and stage with. Finally, he talks about the influences rock and country are having on each other and explains how the Rolling Stones were his first introduction to country music.

Tom Keifer Interview:

Tom Keifer
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