Psychostick is on tour this month including a stop a Michigan’s premier festival, Dirt Fest 2014, just north of Detroit.

Hitting the road for three weeks this coming August for their ‘The Blood, Guts, and Sprinkles Tour’ w/ One Eyed Doll and Wild Throne, Psychostick are proud to announce prior to the tour, they will performing once again at this year’s Dirt Fest in Birch Run, MI on August 9th alongside bands Killswitch Engage, Sid of Slipknot, Powerman 5000, Nonpoint, Battlecross, Hed P.E., Chimaira, Tantric and more! The band will be premiering upcoming material at the fest and on the tour from their forthcoming fan funded album to follow-up 2011’s comedic adventure ‘Space Vampires VS Zombie Dinosaurs in 3-D’.

Guitarist Josh ‘The J’ Key comments: “I can’t wait to play Dirtfest again. It’s a well-run festival that is always a ridiculous amount of fun!”

NRR: For the uninformed who have never heard about Psychostick, describe yourselves and your music in 50-100 words, each no more than three syllables long.

Rawb: We are band make tunes for peeps that contain laugh and things that are good and dumb with many loud. When play live, folks tend to ‘splode with lots of laugh and mosh and smile.

NRR: Psychostick is always a great draw at Dirt Fest. When did you first play it and what is the most memorable moment you had there?

Rawb: We first played it in 2010 or 2011 I believe, and thus far our most memorable moment I’d have to say is our acoustic set. We had a surprisingly large crowd witness our mellowed out stupid metal.

NRR: Which band member is more likely to make love to a soft taco rather than eat it?
Rawb: Isn’t eating and love the same THING? We are all potentially guilty of this act.
NRR: You have Matty Moose on bass, have you ever considered another animal persona in the group?
Rawb: I think Alex wants to be a giraffe, but he won’t admit it. What a jerk.
NRR: What is the all time greatest showing of boobs seen during a performance of Because Bewbs and where was it?
Rawb: Oh jeez, I can’t remember this. We’ve had so many great boob showage on tour that it’s all one delicious nippley blur!
NRR: What do your mothers think of your shenanigans?
Rawb: 3 out of 4 mothers agree, this is the greatest thing ever! (*this is a lie.)
NRR: Have you ever considered marketing a Psychostick line of adult toys?
Rawb: Yes, then we laughed at how the adult industry would have us assassinated from taking over their entire economy. We’re not that mean, I guess.
NRR: Who would you rather tour with, Weird Al or John Valby?
Rawb: WEIRD AL. All the way.
NRR: What’s the most horrible interview question you’ve been asked besides these?
Rawb: Q. How did you think of the name, ‘Psychostick?’? A. Heh. It’s not so much BAD as it is repetitious.
NRR: What question did I not ask that I should have?
Rawb: Q. Where can fans go to talk about how awesome and attractive you are? A., baby. We’ve been fapped to, not gonna lie.

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Obey The Beard video:

Dirt Fest

$35.00 general admission for 50 bands!

Saturday Aug 9
Birch Run Expo Center
11600 Birch Run, MI 48415
All Ages Welcome
Gates Open at 12 noon (11:30am for VIP)
Rain Or Shine Event
Produced and Hosted by Dirt Fest Partners:
(Dalton Bros. & Banana 101.5)

Band Lineup:
Killswitch Engage
SID of Slipknot
Hed Pe
Smile Empty Soul
Blue Felix
Beyond Threshold
Beast In The Field
Powerman 5000
Nothing More
Redlight King
Framing Hanley
Gift Giver
Murder FM
It Lies Within
Gemini Syndrome
Like A Storm
Eyes Set To Kill
Critical Bill
Sunflower Dead
Through The Ashes
Saint Ridley
Bridge To Grace
The 2nd System
Switchblade Scarlett
Brody & The Busch Road Trio
The Mighty Swine
Hell Rides North
Black Flower Blossom
My Perfect Nightmare
The Persevering Promise
Know Lyfe
Aim Your Arrows
The Finale
Bulletproof Snow
Martyr For Madison
Laid In Stone
Autumn Coma
Flood Of Souls
First Decree
Hour 24
Dystopian I
At Ocean’s Depth
This Is Life This Is Living
Sins In Stereo
Dead Sky

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