Jagermister, Ciroc, old time rock, and hard work, we must be talking with Dave from A.D.D. Be prepared for upcoming greatness and photogenic paramedics.

Margaret Young (vocals), Dave Adams (guitar), Jeremy Sparta (guitar/vocals), and Jason Delismon (drums) make up this four piece, A.D.D., based out of the Windy City. Starting out in 2007, they have amassed a loyal following in the Midwest on word of mouth and live performances. As their bio reads, “the band has sold 6,000 CDs independently and have amassed over 4,000 paid downloads.” This is impressive and speaks well to their efforts going into the sophomore effort, Core.

Dave, the guitarist for the band, sat down with National Rock Review for a few minutes. The band will be at these venues within the next few weeks. After you read the interview, see the band live, or all of the above, we’d love to hear what you think. Look for the interview after the tour stops and enjoy.

Apr 23, 2015 ~ Nevin’s ~ Plainfield, IL
Apr 24, 2015 ~ On The Rox w/ Wayland ~ Jacksonville, IL
May 07, 2015 ~ Mojoes w/ Black Stone Cherry ~ Joliet, IL
May 10, 2015 ~ High Noon Saloon w/ Y & T ~ Madison, WI

NRR: You guys go by A.D.D. for short or Analog Digital Disorder when it’s all written out. Is there a story behind the name or was someone a Psyche student when the band formed?
Dave Adams: We wanted something simple and to the point, like KISS. It morphed into meaning Analog Digital Disorder, which described our sound perfectly. Analog represents the older sounds and influences, and Digital represents a newer, more modern sound. We feel like we mix both of these elements into our music.
NRR: You’re from the greater Chicago-land area, and had a good amount of success there. What is it about now, that the band is ready to really make a statement outside of that area, with the new CD, Core?
Dave Adams: Becoming a better, more established band is an organic process. There is no replacement for playing live and getting that experience under your belt. After years of touring the Midwest, we feel the time is now to branch out and tour the world. We have the right record,at the right time, with the right personnel to do it.
NRR: Having done so much of the ground work yourselves, i.e. selling your own CD’s, growing the fan-base, and digi-copies [downloads], does that give you a different perspective on the music industry on a whole?
Dave Adams: It makes me realize just how hard the music industry really is. It is not for the weak or lazy, that is for certain.
NRR: You’ve already played with some big names on stage KORN, Chevelle, Halestorm, and Sevendust. Having done things in your own way, was there any feeling of inadequacy playing with them or did you guys feel you belonged to that stage just as much as they did?
Dave Adams: I think we felt ready, but playing with those bands was part of that process. There’s a big difference between playing a bar to 100 people as opposed to playing to thousands of people at a Summer Festival, so you have to adjust your presentation and mentality to that next level. I feel like we’ve steadily improved over the years to get to that point now, but it is a continuous learning curve.
NRR: I reviewed your new album shortly right after it came out. Can you tell me in your own words what the album means to you?
Dave Adams: The album represents the “Core” four of us sticking together through thick and thin and still being here to make a great album or at least attempting to achieve that. It takes us over two years to finish this record with no label at the time, so it is solely driven on our belief in each other and the music.
NRR: To further the last question along a little, what would you want a new possible fan to get from Core for the first time?
Dave Adams: I want that person to hear the blood, sweat, tears, and passion that was put into to every note of music and every word that was written. A lot of music seems so superficial these days, so hopefully we can help bring the true spirit of rock and roll back a little bit.
NRR: I was really curious about the way you guys wrote the songs that eventually made it on the album, was there any certain way the songs were written? Is it one person that does the main part of the writing and the rest fill in or is it a true group effort?
Dave Adams: Most of all of our songs start off with a guitar melody or riff, then the chorus melody and lyrics are written, and then the verse and pre-chorus lyrics. Not always, but I would say more often than not it goes like that. I usually bring my songs in a somewhat arranged format musically and let the rest of the band add their input. Jeremy brought two finished songs in on this record both musically and lyrically, and ended up singing them as well, “Was My Life” and “So Much.” Usually Jeremy and I will complement each other’s idea with a say a bridge idea or a complimentary guitar part. We try to vary the guitar parts for each of us to create a layer. Jason also plays guitar even though he is a drummer, and brought the music in for “Not My Way”. Margie & Jeremy write all the lyrics with the exception of a few small ideas or titles I’ve suggested. So in the end, it is a true group effort with contributions from everyone.
NRR: Now that you’re starting to get a little bit of a national buzz about you, is there any memory or occurrence out on the road that every time it gets brought up, people can’t help but laugh about now? Your Spinal Tap moment, if there’s any you do not mind sharing?
Dave Adams: The one that comes to mind is when we opened for KORN, Chevelle, and Halestorm. It was our first really big show and everybody was super amped. We played early, like at 5 p.m. So when we got done playing, somebody brought a bunch of Jagermeister to the band and crew. By the time Korn went on, everybody was pretty hammered. I left for a while and when I came back, the paramedics were over by our van. Our guitar tech Roaddogg had passed out and they thought he wasn’t breathing. They finally woke him up and he was slightly unconscious, yet fine. We ended up taking photos with the paramedics afterward. (Laughing), I might add that Korn’s tour manager said there was no drinking anywhere on the grounds since we were outside at a baseball field. I guess the guys were not wanting temptation near since they had turned to sobriety by that point. So we got kicked off the premises and had to park across the street. Not a great start to national touring for us, (laughing).
NRR: There are some shows for you guys to start shortly and one festival in July. If you could be on any festival after or even before Rockfest, which one would you guys jump at and why?
Dave Adams: Either Download in the UK, Rock AM Ring or Wacken in Germany. The crowds in Europe are just so loyal and insane in a good way!
NRR: Athletes aren’t the only ones with certain rituals before they go out and do their thing. Are there any A.D.D. rites that have to be done before the show can go on?
Dave Adams: Nothing too traditional. I usually go across to everyone on the stage and give a fist bump during the intro. Everyone stretches in the back, and Margie is usually warming her voice up.
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9U5kdkw1Hoo]A.D.D. new teaser single “I Regret” from the album CORE Pavement Entertainment
NRR: With fame and record sales come a few perks here and there. If you could be endorsed or sponsored by any adult beverage company, who comes to mind first and why?
Dave Adams: Ciroc Vodka. It is the best out there since it is distilled from grapes instead of potatoes. And I want to be the first rock band endorsed [by them], since P Diddy owns it, (laughing).
NRR: From what I’ve seen and read about you, you guys are quite a bit ahead of the game. Do you have any advice for a band just starting out to make the dream a reality?
Dave Adams: Be prepared to work long and hard. Play for the love of the music first. Learn your instrument, do not use technology as a shortcut. There are no shortcuts to success.
NRR: For those that haven’t heard your music yet, describe for me how you see your sound if you would?
Dave Adams: Dynamic rock/metal music with heavy, layered guitars and vocal melodies.
NRR: When you’re traveling to a gig, who controls the radio and what you guys listen to?
Dave Adams: I usually do since I’m the driver. Usually old school, classic rock. But we do play the radio seek game and listen to whatever sometimes and sing and dance along. It’s quite comical…

You can find the National Rock Review of Core, here.

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