Hordes of moshing minions storm The Haven Lounge of Winter Park, Florida in order to get a dangerous dose of Venom Inc.

The Haven Lounge of Orlando Florida came to life Saturday night when Nuclear Blast recording Artists Venom Inc. continue on their rampage known as the “Blood Stained Earth Tour 2017.”  In direct support of their first studio release Ave’, released August 11th of this year. 

Venom Inc. has already received the highest of accolades for their first singles released from the album “Dein Fleisch,” and “Ave Satanas,” both of which translate into quite memorable live performances.  This new blend of venom, known as Venom Inc. is a conglomerate of death metal talent, bringing together death metal icons Jeffery “Mantas” Dunn on guitar and Tony “Demolition Man” Dolan, on bass.  Joined by long-running thrash metal drummer and former member of Venom, Anthony “Abandon” Bray.  This new, yet old line-up, proves that the death metal scene is not…”dead.”  In fact, Venom Inc brings fans by the numbers, packing their venues with the most energetic fan that moshing generations have seen in ages. 

Taking the stage just before midnight, “Abandon,” Bray, appears from the shadows to the howling horde, clutching the ever so recognizable bottle of Jack Daniels that his frenzied fans have to come to know.  Bray mounts his kit as Mantas takes center stage and delightfully bows before the packed house.  Dolan unholsters his bass and the trio begin to unleash these new demons, now known as Venom Inc.  Backs to the audience, as the theatrical ambiance builds, the three launch a power groove at ear deafening levels.  First noted is the gritty crunch of “Mantas” guitar tones.  He coolly slides into place spraying a barrage of high-speed notes to the front row of fist pumpers.  “Demolition Man” attacks the microphone with a growl that rumbles the stage.  Bassline and backbeat are in place as Venom Inc.’s driving rhythm section creates a hypnotic, thrash stew that has fans headbanging feverishly.  As expected, the moshing begins.  A spunky and viral crowd begin to engage in the ancient art of moshery: a mix of slam dancing, rioting, and combat camaraderie.  

Venom Inc. made an incredible effort to appease all fans of the Venom brand in attendance, hitting the old school Venom catalog hard, with hits like “Welcome to Hell,”  “Live like an Angel,”  and “Carnivorous.”  Show highlights included audience participation in the cult-like track “War,”  with Dolan prompting his minions to bellow a response to his calling.  The barrage continues with “Mantas” shredding his custom guitar to pieces during the timeless, Venom classic “Black Metal,” and Bray and Dolan, close behind and not missing a beat.  The thunderous
The thunderous boom of “Abandon” Bray’s drum kit could be felt in many a rib cage as “Demolition Man” Dolan, masterfully followed low-end transitions with his unique and ominous bass lines.  Fans are seen bombastically propelling themselves about, in a mass of full-blown, metal induced hysteria reminiscent of a pack of hungry piranha.  The energy kept rolling, through thirteen, fast-paced, horns up, fist-pumping thrash tracks that held a classic surprise ending.  This trifecta of death metal heroes closes the show with the most venomous of encores…the all-time Venom hit “Sons of Satan!”  Venom Inc. is an outstanding representation of seasoned veterans that still rip the frets off their guitars while en citing those o so loveable thrash metal riots.  Concert goers seeking old-school Venom will get what they came for, plus a healthy dose of new school Venom Inc.

Venom Inc.
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Event Date: 30-SEP-2017