The Afghan Whigs tour made a stop in Detroit Tuesday night, along with a very special guest Har Mar Superstar.

As the early sunset in Detroit came upon St. Andrew’s Hall on Tuesday the line of eager fans waiting for the doors to open was filled with both excitement and countless stories of the band. A common topic to hear from the concert attendees was where they saw The Afghan Whigs last and who they shared the night’s music with. Each and every time Detroit is blessed with a musical performance by The Afghan Whigs the city seems to be on a whole new level of excitement.

Once the doors were opened the attendees were greeted with a plethora of quality tour merchandise. Both groups performing this night brought their “A” game and provided a good assortment of Hats, T-shirts, Hoodies, CD’s, Tour Posters and many other items documenting their current tour journey. It appeared that people who had purchased The Afghan Whigs shirts at the show couldn’t wait to get home as many of them put the T-shirts over the ones they wore to the show.

The opening act of the night was Har Mar Superstar. This group was exactly that, Superstars. The stage clothing for the band consisted of a white shirt, white pants and was complemented with a shiny red jacket. From the moment they took the stage they delivered one melodic hook after another. 

The bassist and drummer were clearly made from the same cloth as their tightness and in-the-pocket grooves were amazing. Together they provided a concrete foundation for the rest of the band to perform on. The group had two synth players that alternated accompaniments throughout the show. Each with their own unique style and delivery. One of the synth players broke out a Trumpet on a few songs at just the right time, adding yet another level of harmonic value to the overall show. 

The band’s guitarist layered both clean hooks and riffs of distortion that complimented each tune perfectly. And to fuse everything together was singer/songwriter Sean Tillmann. Ever since his one-man show that started in late 1999, he’s been developing his craft into what it is today, amazing. Sean works the crowd effortlessly and puts a huge amount of energy into each and every song. His vocals are full of hooks and elements that make you want to get up, let loose and enjoy yourself. Anyone that came to the show and wasn’t familiar with Sean and his band definitely left the night with a new group to check out and follow. Har Mar Superstar has a grueling tour schedule so be sure to check out their next show.

Well, the moment everyone had waited for came as the lights dimmed and the entrance music began to play. Greg Dulli was the first to come out singing to the opening tune “Birdland”. The night was filled with both tunes from the latest album creation In Spades” to past favorites from the groundbreaking album in 1993 Gentlemen

One of the special treats the Afghan Whigs provides at almost every show is their true musicianship while playing their take on songs from other musicians and bands. On this night they share their musical vision of “You Want Love” by Pleasure Club, “Umbrella” by Rhianna, “Boys of Summer” by Don Henley as well as a few others. One cover, in particular, was a very heartfelt version of Jeff Buckley’s “Last Goodbye.” The song was both played and dedicated to a very special person who not only was like a brother to the band but also was an integral part of the overall creation of the Afghan Whigs sound and songwriting, Mr. Dave Rosser. Dave had battled cancer and in June of 2017 passed away. Every person in attendance with a hand in the air showed their support and true love for Dave and the band. Dave’s Light will shine on forever.

If the audience had their way they would keep The Afghan Whigs playing all night by screaming Encore! Encore! The band did provide a lengthy four song encore which gave everyone in attendance an amazing night to remember. Till the next time The Afghan Whigs comes to town – Detroit thanks you.

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Event Date: 26-SEP-2017