Trivium rocked Diesel Lounge & Concert Theatre with main stage support from As Darkness Falls.

Opening the main stage was Detroit-based As Darkness Falls with their brutal yet melodic metal. They tore through a set getting the crowd energized for the headliner. The band has built up a substantial following in the Detroit area as evidenced by the number of supporters in attendance.

The band members are Greg Stevens (vocals), Scott Lushka (lead guitar), Mike “Reddog” Mentzer (rhythm guitar), Ryan Kelley (bass), and Chris Duggan (drums).

Headliner Trivium from Orlando hit the stage running with their single, “Strife,” from their 2013 release, Vengeance Falls. Trivium plays a mix of metalcore, thrash metal, and melodic metal. The small, but enthusiastic crowd reacted to all of the songs, pressing near the stage and forming a mosh pit.

The setlist included material from across their catalog. The crowd especially loved favorites like “Like Light to Flies,” “Rain”, and “Pull Harder on the Strings of Your Martyr.”

Trivium is a veteran band on the metal circuit and knows how to work the stage and keep the audience engaged. Lead singer Matt Heafy interacted with fans throughout the evening. He and guitarist Corey Beaulieu engaged in some intense guitar play each other, striking poses and tearing up the fret board. Both are outstanding metal guitarists; together they make a quite a team.

Bassist Paolo Gregoletto joined them many times and is an excellent bass player whose sound helps drive the songs. He grooves and hooks with their new drummer, Paul Wandtke, a great addition to the band. The later was a beast on the drums, and his presence on the stage could not go unnoticed. He showcased on a high drum riser set against a large backdrop, standing out as he powered through fast songs with a rapid-fire beat.

Trivium is touring the US through May before heading to Europe for some June dates, and then returning to North America for several festival dates in July, August, and September.

The complete setlist for Trivium was “Strife,” “Rain,” “Built to Fall,” “Dead and Gone,” “Requiem,” “Blind Leading the Blind,” “Like Light to Flies,” “Dying in Your Arms,” “Insurrection,” “Into the Mouth of Hell We March,” “Down from the Sky,” “Until the World Goes Cold,” “Pull Harder on the Strings of Your Martyr” and the encore “In Waves.”

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