Indie legends and kings of college rock, led by the Two Johns, packed the house for an Evening with They Might Be Giants.

They Might Be Giants hit on tunes from all over their immense discography, including a few from their newest endeavor, Dial-A-Song-2015. It was apparent this audience, whose age range spanned the spectrum, were loyal fans. From new to old material, the crowd sang along to every word. The show was heavy on favorites; an easy observation because every song was a favorite, judging by the audience’s reaction.

Dial-A-Song is somewhat of a re-visitation for They Might Be Giants. It was an original idea the band did a few years ago, and they’ve brought it back for 2015, releasing a new song every Tuesday this year. Fans can stream the song at the band’s Dial-A-Song website or by going to their YouTube channel, Particle Men, for past Dial-A-Songs and official videos.

The Two John’s and their touring band mates indulged their own whims as much as the audience’s, entertaining themselves as well as the crowd, carrying on conversations among themselves then including the fans. The band showed they truly love what they’re doing and are still having fun; no sense of rehearsed sound bytes as it all seemed spontaneous and more than genuine. The performance was a perfect example of two guys and their friends getting together to share their artistry and love with people who appreciate it.

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