Them Evils bring one of the final stops of their tour to Las Vegas.

If you aren’t familiar with Them Evils you will be soon.  This Southern California rock band is coming on strong.  They played Las Vegas a few months ago in an opening spot and now they are back as a headliner.  Beauty Bar is a unique venue in Downtown Las Vegas and Them Evils’ vibe fits in very well here.  The back lot is pretty full this Friday night which is not surprising since Jake and Jordan are from Las Vegas.  Needless to say the friends, fans and casual observers are all waiting to see what is in store for them tonight.  

Them Evils take the stage around 11:00 PM and treat the crowd to a seven-song set.  They have a signature style that is best described as rock mixed with blues that is a little retro.  It brings to mind bands like Queens of the Stone Age, Led Zeppelin, and Holy White Hounds when you hear them and these slightly retro-sounding bands are coming on fast currently.  Their songs feature a heavy riff focus that drives the music with a melodic vocal.  This three-piece consisting of Jordan Griffin (guitar and vocal), Jake Massanari (bass) and David Delany (drums) mesh well on stage.  They deliver the songs with each member shining, playing in the almost total darkness of the venue.  As the set proceeds on over the evening the crowd from the front bar, that functions more as a dance club is drawn to the back to check them out.  Some choose to pay the cover and come in while others observe briefly before heading back to dance.  Either way, it is clear Them Evils gained a few new fans tonight.  

They proceed through their set flowing smoothly from song to song, beginning with “Untold,” “Put Your Love on Me,” and “Bleed.”  The crowd really gets going for their cover of AC/DC’s”Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap,” singing along before heading into their final song of “Have One on Me.”  The set gives the crowd a good overall picture of who they are as a band and while it is brief, it is a powerful set.  

As mentioned they are coming on strong and should continue to gain a following if they continue with shows like this.  Having already been on many festivals and sharing the stage with Red Sun Rising and Zakk Sabbath they are clearly respected in the scene with good reason.  This tour is over, but they are sure to either release some new music soon or head back out on the road so be on the lookout for that.

Them Evils
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Event Date: 01-JUN-2018

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