Central Florida music fans of young and old gather at an iconic venue, to pay homage to one of the best guitar slingers contemporary blues has to offer.

Jonny Lang, a name synonymous with the term “young gun” launched a mind-blowing, platinum career the day before his sixteenth birthday with his hit album Lie to Me.  Two decades later, Lang now 36, has proven that not only do blues men endure the test of time, but they get better with age.  Celebrating his seventh studio recording with the release of the highly acclaimed album Signs Lang is supporting the release with an international tour that is nearly a year long.  

Orlando fans flock to Lang, knowing full well that his House of Blues appearances will include a smoking, two-hour performance of authentic blues power.  This evening was no exception, as evident by the packed to capacity venue, patiently awaiting the guitar virtuoso to take the stage. 

At 9:15 pm, cool blue lights spilt across the stage as the Jonny Lang Band took their positions, led by Lang himself.  Humbly smiling at the crowd as they applaud his presence, Lang causally straps his custom, signature series Les Paul to his shoulder.  The rhythm section strikes the first note, and together the group is off on a musical, blues-riffic journey that meets and exceeds the fans concert expectations. 

Jonny’s first vocal line of the night was sultry and soul filled as he leads his troop into “Don’t Stop” (For Anything)”.  The crowd sang with Lang as he segued into the title track of the new album and tour “Signs”. 

“Rack em up” proved to be a crowd favourite, as Lang provided a blazing guitar solo of stinging notes matched with the facial grimaces of a heartfelt bluesman.   Throughout the evening, Lang’s rhythm section proves to be tight, proving so by blending Lang’s impromptu solo turns into a melodic blend of jam-o-graphy.

Mid-set, Lang takes a moment to share the spotlight with his crew and highlights the individual talents of his bandmates. Current bassist, James Anton takes a notable, centre stage moment and gives a demonstration of the masterful chops he keeps in his bag of tricks.  The light rotates and Lang’s band share the power of their musical skills, demonstrating that Lang has assembled a powerful team of seasoned veterans to tour with him.  

This evening continues with an especially moving version of the Stevie Wonder classic “Living for the City.”  Lang continues to squeeze the notes from his heavily worn guitar, in much the same manner as his vocal chords, delivering a powerful and emotionally charged guitar solo. 

Rounding out the set list was another new track from Signs entitled “Bring Me Back Home.”  An uplifting, gospel-like tune that highlights Johnny’s vocal range and an oh so silky guitar tone.  Fans were treated to a truly grand finale, in the form of Lang’s iconic “Lie to Me.”  All in attendance joined Lang, singing note for note as he smiled confidently at his fans.  The crowd became his backup singers as the song continued to build with everyone, including venue staff, joining in for the chorus.   

As the curtain falls, and the evening comes to a smouldering end, Lang has proven that ticket prices are worth paying, and his unique blend of gospel-rich blues is here to stay. 

Jonny Lang
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Event Date: 19-Jan-2018

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