The Struts hit Saint Andrew’s Hall with Dorothy for a night of partying and rock n’ roll with the Motor City crowd.

Opening the night was Los Angeles, California based rock band Dorothy, a new band that has already gained much well-deserved fame, and was named No. 14 on Rolling Stone’s 50 Best New Artists of 2014.
Frontwoman and vocalist, Dorothy Martin, radiates rock. Strutting onto the stage in a ripped up Metallica T, fishnet stockings, and thigh high red boots, she commanded a presence that could not be ignored. With her at the helm, bandmates Zac Morris (drums), DJ Black (guitar), and Gregg Cash (bass) tore into their set with the energetic, guitar-heavy grooves of “Kiss It.”
The setlist consisted entirely of songs off their newly released album, ROCKISDEAD; the opening song lead right into the heavy “Dark Nights” then into the sultry “Gun In My Hand.”

While much of the focus is on Martin herself, it is impossible to ignore the rest of the band. They play old-fashioned hard rock with a modern edge. Their sound was dirty, sexy, and full of attitude. The band had a blast on stage. Between hits like “Wicked Ones,” “After Midnight,” and “Woman,” the band members bantered with the audience, laughing, cracking jokes, and teasing their merch guy.
Rounding out the night with their hits, “Raise Hell” and finally “Whiskey Fever,” Dorothy was a party from start to finish. They delivered an incredible live show that left the fans ecstatic and ready for more rock n’ roll.
Dorothy’s breakout studio album, ROCKISDEAD, is available at their website, itunes, and Google Play.

With the crowd still on a musical high, guitarist Adam Slack, bassist Jed Elliott, and drummer Gethin Davies take their positions, with frontman Luke Spiller taking the stage to a screaming crowd; The Struts have arrived.
Starting in 2010, The Struts first came to America in early 2015 and quickly made a name for themselves. Within seconds of their opening number, “Roll Up,” these eccentric English natives had the packed venue ecstatic and rocking out. They jumped into “These Times Are Changing” and then the anthem “Could Have Been Me,” during which the crowd’s singing nearly drowned out the band.

Spiller had command of the audience, leading their cheers to rise and fall at his command. With his swagger, passionate vocals, and wild dance moves, he brings back the memory of both Freddie Mercury and David Bowie. After the soaring “Mary Go Round,” Spiller took the spotlight dancing for the crowd and leading them into a cheering competition. Singing a few bars, you felt the grit and rawness of his incredible voice before the band roared into “Let’s Make This Happen.”
The Struts played their biggest hits, such as “Young Stars,” “The Ole Switcheroo,” and “Dirty Sexy Money.” The ended with the beautiful ballad, “Only Just A Call Away.”

The crowd erupted in shouts and applause when they started their encore, an acoustic rendition of “Black Swan.” The show culminated in the crowd favorite, “Where Did She Go.” There was never a dull moment during the night.
The Struts are a whirlwind of energy and personality. They exude the spirit of glam and rock n’ roll. Their music is instantly memorable and almost tailor-made to be sung along with by thousands of fans. The band from Derby, UK is a perfect balance of bravado, sex, and downright fun.
The Strut’s debut studio album, Everybody Wants, is available at their website, iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon.

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