Stagecoach Inferno releases their debut album, A Town Called Atonement, at the New Vintage in Louisville with friends Winterhymn and Ohlm.

It was a giant party/celebration at The New Vintage in Louisville as Stagecoach Inferno’s long awaited debut album, A Town Called Atonement, was released.

With the venue packed with friends, family, and Louisville metal fans, the energy level was almost more than the room could handle as Stagecoach Inferno took the stage. Wasting no time, they launched into “The Dead And The Damned” and “Blood In My Boots.” The crowd, feeding off the energy from the guys, was in a frenzied state with the pit spilling over into the front of the stage.

“Ol’ Soulbelcher” was next on before founding member of Stagecoach Inferno, Lauren, jumped on stage to sing lead on “Black Blizzard” setting the venue on fire.

Following the album track order, Stagecoach Inferno performed “The Jackal,” the anthem-like “How The West Was One,” and “Hammer And Tongs” before closing out their seventy-plus minute main set with “Restless Spirits” ending with the same reckless abandon and energy with which they started.

You can always trust that Stagecoach Inferno has a surprise up their sleeve and tonite was no different, closing out this magical evening with a blazing cover of Paula Cole’s “Where have all the Cowboy’s Gone?” giving it a metal flare which has likely never has been heard before.

Stagecoach Inferno’s music is best described as “Wild West Heavy Metal,” and they dare you not to have fun with are each and every song. Stagecoach Inferno is Hunter Correll (bass/vocals), Brennan Ray (guitar/vocals), Stephen Casciato (guitar), and Thom Hammerheart (drums).

Cincinnati-based Winterhymn provided the support for the evening and couldn’t have been better. Their self-proclaimed “Cold-Blooded American Pagan Metal” was both rich and deep and dominated the room. It’s not often you see a violin included in a metal group, but it fit perfectly and was fantastic to see.

Winterhymn’s thirty plus minute set included songs from their most recent album, Blood and Shadow, including “Huntsman.” This band is a group not to miss.

Winterhymn is Draug (vocals/guitar), Exura (keyboards), Umbriel (violin), Valthrun (drums), Alvadar (bass/vocals) and Varrik (guitar)

Opening the evening’s festivities was Louisville‘s dark-progressive/instrumental metal champions Ohlm. Their thirty-minute-plus set of original music was powerful and well received. Nate’s shredding guitar work was especially impressive.

Ohlm is Nate (guitar), Josh (drums), and Dave (bass).

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Event Date: 02-Dec-2016