The night before his Lollapalooza performance, Ryan Adams treats fans with a late night After Show at The Vic Theatre in Chicago. 

Hundreds of thousands of music fans have flooded downtown Chicago for this year’s four-day festival. The entire city embraces all things Lolla, as the musical celebrations are not just restricted to Grant Park, but overflows to several of the music venues throughout the city. Many of the artists not only have their allotted time slot during the main event but also treat fans to After Shows. For those who feel an hour isn’t long enough to enjoy their favorite artists, or for those who haven’t got tickets for the festival, the After Shows give you that additional chance and an extra dose of performances. 

The 2017 After Shows have boasted a spectacular number of larger artists performing in more intimate settings than you might usually get to see them. Tickets for these shows sell-out almost the moment they go on sale, so if you want to go, you have to be quick off the mark. Either that or be prepared to pay extortionate amounts on reseller sites. 

Taking to the stage just after midnight, Ryan Adams didn’t let a little thing like bronchitis get in the way of performing for the sold-out Vic Theatre. Staying on stage until they pulled the plug on him for going past curfew, Adams performed an impressive 23-song set.

Starting the night off with the powerful “Do You Still Love Me?”, the opening track from his 16th album, Prisoner – certainly kicked the night off on the right note. This was immediately followed by “To Be Young (Is To Be Sad, Is To Be High)”, and the night was off to a roaring start. The packed out theatre lapped up everything the talented singer-songwriter had to offer.  

Adams often has quirky stage setups, and tonight was no different. The stage was decorated with walls of TVs and Fender amp  (most of which were just for show), as well as a large stuffed tiger. 

If ever there was a song that had to be performed, it was “Dear Chicago” which made its tour debut. The set was rounded out with the upbeat “New York, New York” before slowing down for “Come Pick Me Up”. 

Ryan Adams is a talented musician, with an impressive number of albums under his belt. Trying to move away from the controversies that have plagued him in the past, it’s time to let the music do the talking. Prisoner has been extremely well-received by fans and non-fans alike. Whilst having artists such as Adams participate in both Lollapalooza and the After Shows helps draw the older audiences, it must also play a role in opening his music up to the younger crowd in attendance. 

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Event Date: 03-AUG-2017

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