Michigan-based Pop Evil served up a treat at the House of Blues Chicago on Friday night, this time headlining the joint.

The last time Pop Evil performed at Chicago’s House of Blues, National Rock Review commented that “Judging by the crowd’s reaction, they could have filled the House of Blues with their own headlining show.” Well, this time they did just that, and the audience was not disappointed.

The line-up may have slightly changed (with Hayley Cramer replacing drummer Chachi Riot) but this was just as high energy a show as we have come to expect from these guys; it was palpable. Leigh Kakaty’s powerful vocals were impressive, and he had full command of not just the stage but the mesmerized crowd who followed the band with rapt attention. The high-octane performance was not down to Kakaty alone, as Matt DiRito swung both his hair and his bass and Cramer with her stalwart pounding on the skins adding the beat behind their sound.

Pleasing the fans with songs such as “Torn To Pieces,” “Boss’ Daughter” and “Trenches,” they also threw in their cover of Survivor’s “Eye of the Tiger.”

Pop Evil is building momentum, with an ever growing fanbase. The tour continues throughout February; be sure to catch them when they come to town. With an infectious energy such as this, you will not be disappointed.

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Event Date: 10-Feb-2017

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