The cold wind and frozen temperature were no match for Mr. Big fans who traveled from all over the country to sing along to their favorite songs.

What better way to finish out the long and exhausting work week than by going to your local venue for a night of rock ‘n’ roll!

The night started off with a set from Jimmy Kunes Band. The group is fronted by former Savoy Brown and Cactus lead singer. They performed original material and cover songs from band members past projects.

Mr. Big were greeted by the crowd with cheers and applause in a packed venue. The smiles on the fans faces seemed to echo nostalgia from years earlier. There were lots of conversations about what this band has done “back in the day,” and it was wonderful to see the youth at the show get just as excited.

The band opened with “Daddy Lover, Brother, Little Boy (The Electric Drill Song)” treating the crowd to one of the first highlights of the night. The song features the use of an electric drill by Billy Sheehan; it’s one of the staples of a Mr. Big show. And if that wasn’t enough, what shortly followed had the audience speechless… a guitar and bass face-off between Billy Sheehan and Paul Gilbert. That was a moment not to be missed. They are very talented musicians who play effortlessly.

After the trademark shredding dual between Gilbert and Sheehan, they played “Alive and Kickin’” from the album, Lean Into it. Pat Torpey delighted the audience with his performance. During the show he played the tambourine, sang backup vocals, and played drums on select songs. After recording their latest album, “The Stories We Could Tell,” Torpey was replaced by Matt Starr (Ace Frehley Band) on the current leg of the band’s world tour, as a result of his diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease. The musicians worked together in rehearsals to get the drum parts correct for the shows. Starr is an accomplished drummer and is a suitable replacement for Torpey.

Next up were fan favorites “Wild World,” a cover of the Cat Stevens classic, and “Just Take My Heart.” As soon as the song was done, everyone stood silent as the virtuoso and showman, Billy Sheehan, astounded the audience with his acrobatic style of playing. Moment’s leading up to his solo, fans had expected this moment was fast approaching. Though there wasn’t a mosh pit at the show, it certainly felt like one, as people pushed through the crowded venue to get a closer look. BB Kings was treated to a clinic by Sheehan, and the consensus of the night was he does things with his instrument that many did not think were possible.

As the end of the show approached, the band closed their set with their hit song, “To Be with You.” The audience sang along to every word, and some even got emotional.

The music which represented a generation of innocence, debauchery, and partying had many in the audience reminiscing of an era which clearly carries a torch in people’s hearts. Seeing the emotion pour out of many people only confirms how BIG this genre is to the ongoing legacy of rock ‘n’ roll.

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