This band of all-stars is ready to take the country by storm and bring Metal to the masses!

With a ‘super group’ lineup of all-star players from bands such as Twisted Sister, Slaughter, and Alice Cooper, to name a few, producer, Taylor Anderson, conceptualized Metal the Band, a post-apocalyptic concert experience like no other. He has brought together this phenomenal group of strong singers and talented musicians where he, himself, plays rhythm guitar and second key along with Alan St. Jon (keyboard), Tim “Timbo” Diduro (drums), Brev Sullivan (lead guitar), Crystalline Entity (bass), Michael Vaughn (vocals), Faith Jackson (vocals), Alex R. Knuckles (vocals), and finally Cassidy Diana (vocals).

Metal is the musical brainchild of Anderson, who, together with backing from veteran promoter and businessman, Jack Starr, bring this unique rock-n-roll experience to life. They recently released a single that will be available for limited time, “Voices Carry,” a remake of the original done by ‘Til Tuesday in 1985, which is given a fresh rock-n-roll, metal edge to its sound with powerful vocals. A snippet of the song can be heard on their website.

Along the upcoming tour, the band will have a few special guest musicians sitting in with them as they did here in Ormond Beach where Lita Ford and Kip Winger both took to microphones and instruments to bring some of their own most famous songs to the Metal crowd gathered at the Bruce Rossmeyers’ Harley Davidson pavilion. The pavilion is known for hosting some of the biggest concerts during major bike events that frequent the area. It was the perfect place for this inaugural show to kick off the tour with two of our favorite 80’s bands opening for Metal, Quiet Riot, and La Guns.

The show itself is a rock opera of fantastic 80s music performed with a theatrical twist that had the crowd on their feet singing at the top of their lungs. With two large LED video screens projecting everything happening on the stage, it left no area of the venue without a perfect view and insured a totally encompassing concert experience.

Having been granted ‘all access’ to this event, this author was able to witness the fun interactions among the band and cast members from a bit of practice in the Green Room with the special guests, Lita and Kip, to amazing voice warm-ups. This group meshes very well and is a credit to their professionalism both on and off stage.

Metal the Band is truly striving to bring the concert goer back to a time when concerts were a total experience of the mind and body, leaving you spent as you left the venue. Be sure to catch them in a city near you as they add more dates to a quickly populating Metal the Tour schedule.

Karen Romano Adams was on hand to capture the moments that rock via photos.

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