Metal Allegiance brought the pro bowl of heavy metal hitters to Downtown Disney with a mix of favorites that left fans cheering for more.

The night began with Scott Ian from Anthrax speaking to the audience. This was a sampling of his Speaking Words tour. He spoke of the uniqueness of metal fans and the varied ways that fans approach him and others of metal fame. Most noteworthy was when he pointed out that Beyonce would never have fans scream/growling her name while thrusting horns in the air.

Metal Allegiance began with a launch into SOD’s “March of the SOD/Sergeant D” and “Freddy Krueger.” It was a dream come true for this fan as Troy Sanders, Scott Ian, Frank Bello, and Charlie Benante tore it up.

Next, Mark Osegueda took the stage with Alex Skolnick and Dave Ellefson to join Benante and Ian for their rendition of “Rapid Fire.” Osegueda’s vocals were impenetrable as he tore through “Victims of Changes,” “Fast as a Shark,” “Balls to the Wall,” “Into the Void,” “Heaven and Hell,” and “Diary of a Madman.” Andreas Kisser, Mike Portnoy, Rex Brown, Gary Holt, Steve Souza, Chris Broderick, and Chuck Billy joined him in and out for all of these songs and others, but Chuck Billy’s performance stood out as he did his vocal version of Sepultura. He covered “Refuse/Resist,” “Attitude,” and “Territory.” Brilliant.

The last part of the show included more metal and rock hits such as “Runnin’ with the Devil” and “You Really Got Me,” with Sanders appearing in a painted green face and pulling a banana out of his trousers to feed the hungry crowd. Skolnick’s guitar shred during “Runnin’ with the Devil” was particularly entrancing, and the appearance of Jimmy Page was an unexpected bonus. The finishing touch included “Cold Gin” and “I Love it Loud,” which was attended by everyone. “Highway to Hell” finished us all off and was not even seen on the set list.

Over twenty-five songs later and fans were left with new memories of metal heavyweights capturing the songs of an influential time period in a much revered live format. That is what this show was about: live music. Digital downloads are great, but many fans fondly remember having that new album, tape, or even CD in hand, pulling out the treasured and often artistic liner notes and reading lyrics while following along with the tracks. Live music is experiencing a resurgence with the younger crowds as they discover classic artists like those featured in Metal allegiance. Kudos to Jose Mangin and Metal DJ Will for introductions and great bumper music before and after the show.

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Photos By Daniel Noble