Swedish rockers, Meshuggah, known for their extreme/experimental style of metal, paid a visit to Sauget, Illinois while on their 25th Anniversary Tour.

Located just across the Mississippi River from downtown St. Louis, Pop’s nightclub hosted Swedish powerhouse Meshuggah on June 14.  Meshuggah is celebrating the 25th anniversary since their first release, a self-titled EP (although it is often referred to as Psykisk Testbild). Their tour is titled 25 Years of Musical Deviance and their two-hour set was punctuated with material that spanned the breadth of their entire career. The crowd was mesmerized by the myriad versions (or diversions) of 4/4 time and the aggressive meanderings through one of the most intelligently composed and darkest musical landscapes out there.

Meshuggah online:

Opening the show was Between the Buried and Me, a North American progressive metal band from North Carolina. Their set was as diverse as their musical style that grabs from all subgenres within rock music. Their album, The Parallax II: Future Sequence, ranging from growling death metal that merged seamlessly into more traditional thrash. The group played for just over an hour, every song building on the energy of the one before. The audience’s familiarity with the songs was apparent, with many of those along the barricade in front of the stage singing along, horns raised, and heads banging.



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