The avant-garde rockers brought their proprietary blend of off-the-wall grind and groove to a packed Chicago house.

The Melvins came and performed to a flooded house at Chicago’s great venue, The Metro – currently celebrating 35 years in the business.

Red and blue lights filled the stage as lead man Buzz “Buzz-O” Osbourne emerged with his wizardly robe and iconic crown of now salt-and-pepper afro. Drummer, Dale Crover, hunched over his kit; a microphone affixed to his head for the backing vocals he would soon belt. A highly expressive Steven McDonald stepped forward with his commanding height and an animated personality that would at times overshadow his heavy bass playing.

When the Melvins go on tour, no one ever knows what songs to expect during the performance. Though there are many staples and fan favorites within their catalog, these things matter not for a band that wrote their own rules and then shredded the rule book. Over the course of the next 80 minutes, the group reached back to the 1980’s with “Oven,” kept current with “Edgar the Elephant,” off their most recent A Walk with Love and Death LP , and threw in a massive curve ball with a rendition of The Beatles’ classic, “I Wanna Hold Your Hand,” that would remain lyrically loyal and musically unorthodox to the fullest extent.

Spotlights, hailing from Brooklyn, NY, opened the night with a lovely amalgamation of sludge and doomy bass grooves, noisey guitar, screeching vocals, and slamming drums. Their performance also includes elements of prerecorded sounds and drum machines that add to sculpting their sonic world. They stood as a splendid complement for the headliner.

Though the bill that night only contained two bands, the originality and dadaism manifested reached a level that most musical acts could only dream of. One could only wonder what would come next and when would these bands return once more.

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Event Date: 25-JUL-2017