Of course, the Geordies know how to have a good time. And on a Friday night, the locals don’t need much encouragement.

For those who are starting their sun-kissed weekend with Kate Nash at the Riverside Newcastle, they not only witness the versatile singer/songwriter live but also feature in the artist’s brand new music video. A rare treat indeed.

Last year Kate Nash released her first new album in five years in the shape of Yesterday Was Forever. And as Nash takes to the stage in front of a packed out crowd she is keen to showcase her latest offering with “Life In Pink” featuring at the top of the set. This being one of a small smattering of tracks from Nash’s latest album to feature in tonight’s career-spanning set.

By the time Nash breaks into the classic “Mouth Wash”, she is perched on the security fence spurring on the fans at the front. Tonight it feels as though there is no us and them, with both the artist and the crowd coming together as one. This, in turn, creates somewhat of a unique atmosphere inside of the room early on.

Several tracks from Kate’s debut record feature in the set including a middle finger fuelled rendition of “Dickhead”, and a seamless medley of fan favourites that segues together “Shit Song” and “Mariella” amongst others.

Nash has strong family ties to the North East, and as a result, the artist has spent a lot of time in the region, which only enhances her connection with locals. Even Kate’s mum is positioned a few rows from the front in the crowd.

This evening Kate is dressed in a fluorescent shirt and a vibrant and somewhat colourful corset which appears to have been made out of footwear/trainers. Nash certainly looks the part.

The thunderous bass heavy number “Agenda” and Nash’s new UK garage-inspired single “Bad Lieutenant” certainly get the crowd moving whilst also illustrating the artist’s vast musical pallet. The latter of which is also recorded for Kate’s forthcoming new music video – it will inevitably be a floor filler for sure.

Throughout the course of the show, Kate really clicks with the crowd. Her down to earth persona and engaging nature really strikes a chord with the Tyneside audience. She truly is a gifted performer – it’s no surprise she has witnessed great success as an actress in recent times whilst featuring in shows such as the Netflix hit series GLOW.

In the latter stages of the show, Kate pulls off some of the most majestic crowd surfing we’ve ever witnessed. Laid back with her arms behind her head, she glides across the Riverside crowd, looking both relaxed whilst simultaneously beaming with joy. A truly special moment indeed.

As Nash races towards the finish line, she tops off the night with a sultry airing of “Pumpkin Soup” and her timeless classic “Foundations”, which in turn closes out the show in style.

It goes without saying that Kate Nash’s genre-defying sound has continued to evolve since the release of her debut album back in 2007. After all, what’s the point of making the same record over and over again. Nash continues to push both her artistic and creative boundaries with each and every release.

By her own admittance, Kate Nash declares that her show at the Riverside Newcastle is ‘one of the best gigs ever’- those in attendance would wholeheartedly agree.

Kate Nash
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Event Date: 28-June-2019

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