Pop rock fans young and old pack the Amway Center of Orlando to spend an evening with rock icons Hall and Oates, and a surprise guest.

For nearly fifty years, the legendary musical powers of Daryl Hall and John Oates have blasted our radio waves with hit after hit.  Their names, synonymous with perfect hair, creamy, dreamy vocals, and catchy sing-a-long chorus lines (the ones that stay in your head for days) served central Florida fans a frosty mug of musical history that spanned eighteen albums, and six number one hits this week. 

Tuesday nights are not known to be over-celebrated for the metropolitan Orlando area.  However, when the Amway Center open their doors to Rock and Roll Hall of Famers, “Magic” happens.  With parking garages filled to capacity and concert goer admission lines thousands deep, fans continued to pile into the venue, filling nearly every seat in the house.  At 9:04 pm, a large projection screen is illuminated to reveal the silhouettes of several suspect musicians taking their places on the Hall and Oates set.  9:05 pm, a tall and thin figure, sporting a large hair-do emerges from stage left and is instantly greeted by the roar of the thousands in attendance.  The stage lights ignite to reveal the dynamic duo of Daryl Hall and John Oates sharing center stage… and alas, a night of musical memories is underway. 

Both Daryl and John extend hands of gratitude to their adoring fans, as a suspicious back beat creeps across the rhythm section.  Moments later, Hall leads concert goers in a choir-like ensemble with everyone singing “Ooh, ooh here she comes… watch out boy she’ll chew you up.  Ooh oh here she comes… she’s a Man-eater!”  Opening their set with “Man-eater” got the hearts pumping and toes tapping, but as the band pressed on through “Out Of Touch,” and “Say It Isn’t So,” the crowd could no longer stay seated and began to dance the night away.  

Fans were delighted to see Charles Decant returning to the saxophone, honoring him with multiple ovations as he soloed his way through the evening’s set list.  Decant has been a senior team member with the H&O line up since the mid-seventies and still an active touring member.  His silky smooth and “saxy” tones where an ear-melting pleasure that adds that little extra cohesion to the Hall and Oates signature sound.  A tasteful and powerful version of the Righteous Brothers cover “You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling,” was next, bringing another facet of emotional vocal power to Daryl Hall’s interpretation. A stealthy segue into “I Can’t Go For That (No Can Do)” is delivered before Hall and Oates invite special guest, Train’s Pat Monahan to the stage.  

Hall and Oates proceed to launch into their epic new single “Philly Forget Me Not,” featuring Monahan.  The trio kept the vibe rolling with “Wait For Me,” and then a Train cover of “Calling All Angels.”  The crowd stood in awe as Monahan’s appearance concludes with team H&O returning to an eighties vibe with “Kiss On My List” into “Private Eyes.”  Nearly two hours later a rouse to bluff the audience into thinking the evening was over was cut short with a tasty, two-song encore featuring “Rich Girl” and “You Make My Dreams Come True.”  

As the last note rings out, and the deafening applause fills the stadium, Daryl Hall and John Oates crack that infamous and humble smile while they blast a parting wave to their fans… but the most notable was their gift of a music memory that these fans can now say “You Make My Dreams Come True.”

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Event Date: 26-JUN-2018