Fear Factory performed Demanufacture in its entirety for an extremely appreciative crowd in the Windy City.

Last year marked the 20th anniversary of Fear Factory‘s sophomore album, Demanufacture. By way of celebrating, they toured Europe performing it from start to finish. They were eager to continue the celebrations Stateside, but promoters were just not interested. Eventually, they changed their minds, and the tour was brought to the US, which they are currently three-quarters of their way through.

The fans were out in force and clearly enjoying this show before the industrial metallers head to Australia, then return to Europe for the summer.

Once they completed their Demanufacture setlist, they continued with songs from their back catalog, including “Martyr” from their debut album, right through to “Soul Hacker” and “Regenerate” from their current album, Genexus. It wouldn’t be a Fear Factory show without “Shock” and “Edgecrusher” making an appearance.

It’s hard to believe it’s been twenty years since Demanufacture‘s release. Seeing these songs performed, they have clearly stood the test of time and sound as fresh today as they did in 1995.

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