F. Patrick James is an up and coming musician, his remarkable and unique style captivates anyone in front of him.

With so much amazing emerging talent coming from Detroit, it is hard to predict the next big standout artist. Meet F. Patrick James, 22-year-old, Metro-Detroit native, with the sound and the songs that could very well be that next-big-thing. The sound is recognizable from rock n’ roll greats like The Band, Led Zeppelin, and Allman Brothers, while the songs are fresh and instantly memorable.

After a long Spring and Summer of local shows as well as National U.S touring, F.P.J ended the summer with a bang playing an enchanting set on Monday, Sept 1, at one of Detroit’s biggest festivals, Arts Beats & Eats.

F. Patrick James hit the famous Soaring Eagle stage Monday night armed with a band of some of Detroit’s finest players including Bryan Reilly, Brett Lucas, and James Simonson. F.P.J is currently recording his début album for Decibel Records at RMS Studios in Birmingham, MI with producer Bryan Reilly, whose production credits include Detroit superstars, Ty Stone, Gia Warner, Olivia Millerschin, and Jill Jack.

That night, new fans were treated to a carefully crafted set of songs from F.P.J’s upcoming release. Stand out tracks from the set were the powerful rocker “Bottle Neck,” the bluesy soul drenched “Whistlin’ Night Train,” and the heartfelt “Long haired Woman.”

As a gifted guitarist, singer, and songwriter, F. Patrick James is a triple-threat with a promising career in an industry that has recently been declared “dead” by KISS’s Gene Simmons. Maybe Gene should visit the Detroit Rock City a little more often.

F. Patrick James
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