Industrial metal bands Dope and Combichrist bring their Blood, Lust, Death tour to the world famous Machine Shop with support from September Mourning and Davey Suicide.

Gutter goth rock band Davey Suicide kicks the evening off with the ripping tune “Hustler Queen” from their 2013 self-titled album.  Even though they play a brief, 30-minute set, they fire up the crowd for the night with fast-paced songs from their last two albums and Made From Fire, which was just released on March 24. 

Guitarist Niko Gemini tears it up while jumping around and whipping his hair. Drummer Drayven Davidson is a beast on the drums, pounding them furiously while Derek Obscura adds further to the low-end groove on bass guitar. Lead singer Davey works the whole front of the stage, engages with the fans up front, and even hangs from the ceiling at one point during their set. 

Davey Suicide has an awesome light show with deep colors and heavy strobe light action. It is visually appealing and accentuates the band member’s eerie makeup and outfits. The audience eats it all up and responds with loud cheers. This is the first time seeing Davey Suicide for many in attendance tonight, but it won’t be the last.

The setlist for Davey Suicide is “Hustler Queen”, “Dancing with the Reaper”, “Kids of America”, “Too Many Freaks”, “No Angel”, “Rise Above”, “Dirty Rotten Filthy Rich”, and “Generation Fuck Star”.  The band consists of Davey Suicide (vocals), Niko Gemini (guitar), Drayven Davidson (drums), Derek Obscura (bass), and Needlz (keyboards; not currently touring).

Next up is September Mourning from Los Angeles, CA. They power through a six song set that is focused around vocalist September. September hits the stage and the crowd erupts. She wears an all-white outfit including platform boots and has white hair and face makeup with black lipstick. The band members dress in black outfits with black paint on their faces, except for drummer Stitch who wears a creepy mask.

September refers to her band members as reapers. They are here to collect some souls. It is an interesting concept where the live concerts augment their albums and several comic books around a common theme.

September Mourning opens with “Eye of the Storm” from their 2016 album, Volume II. The rest of the set consists of songs from the same album including “Skin and Bones”, “Stand By Me”, “Angels to Dust”, “20 Below”, and “Children of Fate”. September stalks the stage, thrashes her hair, and her reapers accompany her at several points in the set. It is quite a theatrical performance.

September Mourning is September (vocals), Riven (guitar), Wraith (guitar), and Stitch (drums).

The lights dim and drummer Joe Letz of co-headliner Combichrist takes the microphone and announces they will not be performing this evening. The crowd doesn’t buy it. He grabs one of his floor toms and returns to the front of the stage and has some audience members hold it while he pounds it. He walks back to his drums and tosses the floor tom, knocking over several pieces of his set. 

And this is only the beginning of the show. The crowd loves it and can sense they are in for a treat. Combichrist’s sound can be best described as industrial metal, but you can hear elements of punk, drum and bass, and other electronic genres in their songs. This reviewer hears similarities to songs from Front Line Assembly, Nine Inch Nails, and Rammstein.

The band lays down a pulsating rhythm led by the drumming and percussion of Joe Letz and Nick Rossi. In addition, Joe draws a lot of attention with his crazy antics, pink bikini top, black face and pink lip makeup. At one point Joe pours water on his drums and proceeds to pound them, splashing water into the air.

Singer Andy LePlegua never stands still. He works the whole stage, jumping up and down, and regularly hops onto a platform to encourage the crowd to participate. The crowd pumps their fists, jumps, and cheers in response. They also open a mosh pit in the middle of the floor that adds to the energy in the room. Combichrist gets the adrenaline flowing and preps the crowd for what is to come next.

The full setlist for Christchrist is “What the Fuck is Wrong with You?”, “Blut Royale”, “Skullcrusher”, “Throat Full of Glass”, “No Redemption”, “Zombie Fistfight”, “Exit Eternity”, “My Life My Rules”, “Get Your Body Beat”, “Shut Up and Swallow”, “Can’t Control”, and “Maggots at the Party”.

Combichrist is Andy LePlegua (vocals), Eric 13 (guitar), Brent Ashley (bass), Joe Letz (drums), and Nick Rossi (drums, percussion).

You can sense the excitement growing in anticipation of headliner Dope hitting the stage. The audience catches their breath after Combichrist’s set, but it doesn’t last for long. The lights go out and the crowd goes nuts as the band walks onto the stage and launches into “Violence”.

It is not long before mosh pit starts up again and it keeps going throughout Dope’s whole set. Their setlist draws from all six of their albums and includes “Blood Money”, “Lexipro”, and the closer “1999” from their 2016 release Blood Money Part 1.

Their set is primary lit from behind with several panels of LEDs. Dope also uses smoke/fog throughout their set that adds to the already dimly lit stage. On occasion, strobe lights accentuate the action of guitarist Virus and bassist Nick Dibs, who actively work both sides of the stage.

Lead singer Edsel Dope likes to interact with the crowd. He thanks the sold-out crowd several times about The Machine Shop being his favorite place to play anywhere. They played here just a few months ago. He even promises that they will continue to come back and play here as long as the fans continue to come see them. Given how the audience reacts, it would be easy to say that they will be back many more times.

Dope’s whole setlist is “Violence”, “Blood Money”, “6-6 Sick”, “Bring It On”, “Bitch”, “Take Your Best Shot”, “Lexipro”, “My Funeral”, “Addiction”, “You Spin Me Round”, “Nothing for Me Here”, “Rebel Yell”, “Die Motherfucker Die”, “I’m Back”, “Sick”, “Burn”, and the encores “Fuck tha Police” and “1999”.

Dope is made up of Edsel Dope (vocals), Virus (guitar), Nikk Dibs (bass), and Daniel Fox (drums).

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Event Date: 18-MAR-2017

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