Dead and Company round out their 19-date summer tour with two nights at Chicago’s Wrigley Field. 

It was the perfect setting to complete Dead and Company‘s tour. Fans flocked from far and wide for the chance to witness the extravaganza. This sunny evening event didn’t start when the band took to the stage. Many arrived early to take in the atmosphere and enjoy the pre-show party which included live music out in The Park outside of Wrigley Field. Stalls were set up outside selling artwork and jewelry to fans as they flooded into the surrounding area. 

Looking at it from the outside, Wrigley looked chaotic as people swarmed the area, but on a closer look, it was the most friendly and accepting crowd. People of all ages turned up, donning their tie-dye t-shirts. Some even made it a family affair, as many brought their young children with them for their first ever concert. There was a strong sense of community. 

Despite being sold out, several fans stood outside in the hope that someone might be selling a ticket, giving them the chance to celebrate along with the other passionate fans already filling up the Friendly Confines.

The Deadheads were treated to a 2-set show, with alternating vocals from John Mayer, Bob Weir and Oteil Burbridge. Whilst some were apprehensive at the beginning, it would appear that Mayer has been accepted into the Dead fold. 

Despite being more than 20 years since Jerry Garcia passed, it is clear to see the new reincarnation for The Grateful Dead still has as strong a pull as ever. So long as their songs are being performed, these faithful fans will keep on attending and show their full support. 

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Event Date: 01-JUL-2017

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