St. Louis welcomed fans to an intense night of metal anchored by home town crossover thrash veterans, Cross Examination, and Pig Chamipion from the Windy City.

After the Black Fast and Battlecross show on the venue side of Fubar I went over to the lounge side for another show featuring Pig Champion and Cross Examination. This is one of the many reasons I love shows at Fubar; the club is sectioned into two halves with national acts playing in the venue and local/regional acts performing in the lounge immediately following the venue show. After certain shows, patrons from the venue half are admitted into the lounge at no extra charge. While I can’t always take advantage of this perk, I did so after Battlecross and I was not disappointed. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to catch every band, namely Liquor Lord and Cathedral Fever, but I did see Pig Champion and Cross Examination.

Crossover thrash and St. Louis locals Cross Examination rounded out the night with a fast and intense set. Vocalist Devil Dan stalked across the stage and into the crowd throughout their set while guitarists Leon St. Cin and Justin Toxicated, bassist Raymondo Arriola, and drummer Ryan O’Brien pounded out one song after another.

Cross Examination online:

Appearing right before Cross Examination was Pig Champion from Chicago. Pig Champion are a combination of hardcore, thrash, grind, and death metal with a show to match. Lead vocalist Jacob Faltin belts out his growling vocals and intermittently hits his forehead with his microphone while he walks, struts, staggers, and crawls through the crowd while the band, Brandon Covarrubias (drums), J. Ramirez (bass and vocals), and James Lonergan (guitar), provide the fast and harsh musical accompaniment.

It seemed the crowd was not expecting this type of show and it took until close to the end of Pig Champion’s set before the crowd got into it, with a few people pouring the remainders of their beers onto Faltin’s head. I got a chance to talk to the band after their show and can say that as harsh as any of them–especially Faltin–appears onstage, they are some of the friendliest I’ve had the pleasure to meet. Whatever antics Faltin might show onstage, his normal offstage persona is quite the opposite.

As a result of his performance, one man’s shirt was accidentally ripped and Faltin responded by paying for the shirt, buying the man and his friends drinks, and gave them all shirts, along with a sincere apology for the inconvenience he caused.

The band is slated to appear in St. Louis again this December and I’m looking forward to the show.

Pig Champion online: