The Maryland-based band Lionize came roaring in to The Shelter located underneath the hallowed floors of Saint Andrews’s Hall in downtown Detroit Thursday night.

Fresh on a headlining tour in support of their new release Jetpack Soundtrack, Lionize took the stage around 9pm to deliver a non-stop space rock infused set of genre defying sound that encompassed their decade old history. With an unpretentious presence on stage they came to do one simple thing; play music that envelopes your mind in layers of sound and tenaciously orchestrated melodies that fuse together in harmonious sonic treat on the ears.

I’ve never listened to them before this show and spent my time driving down to the venue checking out their tunes on Spotify to get a feel for what the were all about. Seeing them live transcends the recorded tracks as the sound becomes larger than life. I really dug the way organist Chris Brooks melds his keyboards into the overall sound of the band, large and rich bodied, taking me back in time to the huge arena rock bands of the 70’s. Nate Bergman on vocals and guitar led the pack with a straight up sonic assault, filled in with the riveting bass of of Henry Upton and the manic but determined drumming of Mel Randolph.

To top off the night for the excited and obviously loyal fans in attendance, they began selling their new CD Jetpack Soundtrack at the merch table after the show, and taking time to pose with them for pics and sign anything they bought. A most talented group of musicians for sure; I’d highly suggest catching their show if you’ve never seen them live.

Interview with Chris Brooks

Lionize Images by Dennis Hall

Lionize Images Mick McDonald

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