Bush demonstrates beautiful showmanship and style at sold out RMA show with Theory of a Deadman and Stars in Stereo.

Gavin Rossdale and crew came ready for the droves of fans that turned out for a spectacle of a show in Riverside. Even the Mayor was in attendance as people packed the seats and filled the standing room only areas in preparation for a musical Monday evening. Early arrivals to the show lined up for the opportunity for meet and greet with Bush. One fan was nearly in tears as she waited and the wide variety of fans was compelling.

Once inside the venue, many fans chose to upgrade to the VIP tickets available at RMA, as the balcony provides ample viewing space. Watching avid fans run to claim a spot at the barrier is always an indicator of a good show for us, and this one did not disappoint.

The first band was Stars in Stereo. Despite a bit of technical difficulty, they had a great set and, by the looks of their merch table, were a hit with the crowd. They were followed by Theory of a Deadman who battled through a few exuberant fans with flying beverages to finish the first couple of songs. Fortunately, the staff of RMA are on top of such situations.

The crowd was more than ready as they chanted, “BUSH BUSH BUSH!” Roadies take their jobs very seriously, and as they jockeyed equipment into place, the show began. Rossdale has a subtle showmanship that plays off of his audience as the give and take of live performance worked in harmony. He moved from one end of the stage to the other, giving everyone their due including band mates, fans, and photographers, professional and otherwise. The screen behind the band was a background of colors that worked seamlessly with the music.

However, when Bush began to play “Little Things,” no one was watching the screen because Rossdale left the stage and waded his way through the almost 1800 fans, all the while singing. He somehow made a path from one side of the venue to the other and back again, giving fans a personal touch, sometimes quite literally. This was followed by an excellent rendition of Talking Heads’s “Once in a Lifetime.” Bush ended the show with clean performances of “Glycerine” and “Comedown,” although my personal favorite it still “Mouth,” which Rossdale performed mid-set while alone on stage.

The show was a success, as fans got what they wanted in terms of classic Bush songs, plus they were able to sample some of the songs off of the new release, “Man on the Run.” The Riverside Municipal Amphitheater is an excellent venue with killer lighting and sound to accompany your favorite band. It might be a little secret in the Inland Empire, but the latest selection of shows is sure to make it a coveted venue. Special thanks go to Karen Foley from Live Nation for helping to make another RMA show a success.

Photography by Daniel Noble.

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