From Blue To Gray celebrated the release of Abstention of Interference with a hungry horde of metal fans at the Loft in Lansing.

05-Aug-2016: The Loft in Lansing, Michigan is frequently the scene of great metal shows and this evening is no different with From Blue To Gray hosting a cohort of rock musicians. The occasion marks the release of their new album, Abstention of Interference, on Luxor Records. A crew of diehard metal fans streamed into the venue to enjoy a diverse mix of music.

Opening the show from Mount Pleasant, Michigan was Nagazi. This five-piece band made full use of the stage and immediately grabbed the attention of the crowd. They blend thrash and speed metal into a riveting sound which is familiar while still being original. They were a white lightning mash of Anthrax, Havok, and Lamb of God on a mission to burn your soul. This high-intensity dose of metal earned a rousing roar from the crowd.

Offering a change of pace was Some People’s Kids. This young band played pop/punk music with great enthusiasm. Imagine the sounds of Blink-182 or Sum 41 and you get where they come from musically. They played a polished set which met with the hearty approval of their fans.

Spreading their personal music genre called doomgrass with a spit and a smile, the Jonestown Crows entertained with songs that make an end of the world kool-aid party fun. You might not think a bluegrass-infused band would work with a metal crowd, and you would be dead wrong. Bluegrass has the fury of metal and the Jonestown Crows use this to great effect and quickly have the crowd fired up. You can’t help but love a band with songs like “666 Pack of Beer”.

Past Tense bleeds thrash metal. From the first note, this band tears into a set of high-octane metal reminiscent the legendary Hirax and Metal Church. Without sounding dated, they make metal filled with the wrath of twin guitars, blistering rhythms, and vicious vocals that soar to the heavens. There was a great deal of love from the audience with quite a few heads thrashing to the music. Before you knew it, your neck was wrecked and their blistering set was complete.

As a special treat for the stalwart metal fans of From Blue To Gray, the band announced that they would play the new album, Abstention of Interference, from beginning to end. The monstrous stomping riffs of “Slave Grinder” get fists in the air as Dale Fewless roars into the microphone. “Vulgarity in Silence” exhibits the shifting modes of the new album and the band nails this live with subtle guitar tones and restrained drums.

The twin guitars of Dave Jaber and Tim Drexler ignite once again as music crescendos with “Forceful Stare” and “Fractured Reality: Obscurity.” Drummer Dan Graham’s eyes are blazing with focus while he puts on a clinic during these songs. The entire band plays as a unit while moving around the stage and engaging the fans. Dale hands the microphone to someone up front who belts out an impressive scream.

“Ataraxia” puts the sensational playing of bassist Jordan Myers in the spotlight as the music weaves from the savage to the sublime. “Buried In Sand” has the pit roiling with bodies embracing the squealing guitars and battering rhythms. The epic “A Reason to Resonate” finishes up the album, but the crowd wants one more. As an encore, From Blue To Gray bashes out “Bath Salts” to bring this evening of Titanic music to a climatic end.

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