Anberlin is calling it quits and they brought their final tour to St. Andrews Hall in Detroit for a send off.

Many bands have announced final tours only to go on and tour for many more years. This does not seem to be the case with Anberlin.

The band cites the long tours, getting older with children, families, and members not being able to fully commit to the band as the reasons for calling it quits. After 14 years and seven albums, the band definitely has a full catalog of music and they brought it all to the sold out crowd at Detroit’s St Andrews Hall.

Opening the show with “Never Take Friendship Personal,” the band flowed through what many would consider a greatest hits catalog, playing 20 songs off their seven records, before closing with “Feel Good Drag.” Following the set, fans were treated to one more song as the band encored with an amazing rendition of “(*Fin)” to close out the evening.

Anberlin may say they are done, as many bands do, although they will surely have many reasons to return. Their children will get older, their itch to play together may return, and they will likely miss the fans and their energy.  Yet, only time will tell how long it will be before we hear the reunion rumors, or if this final tour will really be final.

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