Hate Unbound infuse the grit and determination of Detroit into music, embodying all the crushing power it takes to make great metal music.

While the band’s self-titled release is only three songs, the music conveys technically excellent and dynamic thrash. While listening, you may be reminded of The Haunted, Lamb of God, God Forbid and Testament. Hate Unbound can stand next to all of these metal giants.

“Open Your Eyes” starts out with a melodic intro and solo, which transitions into a full onslaught of down-picked guitar riff. The effect is immediate tension and an overwhelming urge to open up a pit. Art Giammara’s vocals are harsh and full of conviction. The drumming of Danny Kendall is on par, with fills and a double kick drum reminiscent of the great Dave Lombardo. The solos and riffs composed by Daryl Mitchell (guitar), William Cundiff (guitar), and John Kinder (bass) are outstanding and make for great listening.

If the Vikings listened to metal when they went to battle, “Revolt And Destroy” would be their theme song. The downbeats amplify Giammara’s vocal percussion. The song progresses using single note riffs and returns to a hammering sequence of chords.

The last track is “Suicide.” The song structure is technical with great use of single-note riffs and ascends to the chorus of “Bow down and cry, Lie down and die.” There is an edge of disgust, which the song frames well. The performance by all members of the band on this song is exceptional.

Hate Unbound have put together a great recording in both the music offered as well as its production and execution. Hopefully they have more music emerging after this EP.

Hate Unbound
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