Live To Win – The Statue of Lemmy Kilmister is a short documentary on how an idea to remember the legacy of Lemmy at the Rainbow Bar and Grill became a reality.

A statue of the Motorhead icon Lemmy Kilmister was unveiled at the venerable Los Angeles concert venue, the Rainbow Bar and Grill. Kilmister died of cancer on December 28, 2015, just days after his seventieth birthday and also being diagnosed. His death caused an outpouring of grief throughout the rock music world, part of which drove the creation of the monument to Kilmister’s memory.

Director Rocio Romero and assistant director Shawn Gregory have created a short documentary telling the story of how the statue went from idea to conception.

According to the film, Hirax vocalist Katon de Pena and his wife Anne spearheaded the drive to create the statue with the backing of the Maglieri family (owners of the Rainbow Bar & Grill) and sculptor Travis Moore who designed the statue.

The sculpture became a reality thanks to the donations of over 16,000 fans making the monument a metal community joint effort.

The film was released in early December 2016.

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