In a remote desert location, a four-day festival entertained with a combination of live music, outdoor fun like swimming and horseback riding, camping, and late night parties. What more could a festival goer want?

Vestal Village, the seventh-annual such gathering, is an immersive event hosted by Vestal, a maker of quality watches and eyewear. During the four-day event, attendees may camp or attend on a daily basis. Music, food, and drink and a key feature of the festival, along with a multitude of outdoor activities, including hiking, fishing, swimming in the lake and pool, bonfires, and gazing off into the vast desert night sky.

VestalVillage-PalmSprings-CA-20160414-ModernDiscoAmbassadors-036To keep the event festive, there were multiple daytime pool parties and vendor tents, along with easy access to food and drink. And, pets were welcome for animal lovers. At night, desert campfire gatherings carried the party atmosphere into the late hours.

As for music, DJs and live bands kept masses busy. The performers include (in no specific order) Dead Sara, Pink Slips, Gardeners Logic, California Feet Warmers, Joel Jerome, Peach Kings, Beware The Darkness, Crystal Castles, Wake Up Call, Hearts Revolutions, Silver Kings, Mad Madam of Old Man Markley, Big Bill’s Medicine Show, Herbert Bail Orchestra, Gossamer, Beginners, Here Lies Man, Two Eights, Night Beats, Ariel Pink, Cutsnake, and Hkeke.

Making the Vestal Village event happen was Modern Disco Ambassadors. They are promotion and marketing company based in Southern California. Check their site for upcoming event schedules.

Take a look at the photos of the event, provided by Vestal Watch.

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