Trans-Siberian Orchestra  played at The Palace in Auburn Hills, MI on 27- Dec- 2013.

The Orchestra performed “The Lost Christmas Eve” as it was originally conceived, a singular rock opera.

In the second half of the show there was brand new music and TSO live favorites from “Christmas Eve and Other Stories!”


This was the first experienced I’ve had seeing the TSO live….it will not be my last.

Concert imagery by Thom Seling

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Thom has been hooked on photographing concerts since sneaking his camera into Cobo Arena for Van Halen in 1984. He put his away my camera in 1990 and didn't pick it up again until 2005, while following a favorite local band, Frequency 54. From there Thom started shooting more and more local acts, creeping towards shooting bigger names and bigger venues. Meeting new people and finding new music has been the biggest payoff for Thom thus far.

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