The Berlin was host to a night of Punky-Tonk and Rockin’ Bluegrass as the swagering hillbilly duo of the Punknecks paid a visit to Fort Wayne.

I have looked forward to Jason and Polly Punkneck returning to Fort Wayne for quite some time. They just finished up a long and well received west coast tour. The Berlin is a good fit for The Punknecks and the crowd is typically the same solid fans.

They formed in Los Angeles in 2004, hitting the road by 2005 and have been going strong ever since. With Jason on guitar and mandolin and Polly on percussion and guitar they go where the fans are. Their music is high energetic punk country. One fan referred to them as a naughty Dolly Parton and Hank Williams III combo that sings Punky-Tonk. Regardless of what it is called, Jason and Polly are loud and like to rock any venue they play. Their brand of hillbilly Rock n’ Roll is outstanding!

You can always find them hanging out before and after the show with fans and are typically up front enjoying the opening band. They are down to Earth and very thankful for those who follow them.

Their most recent release Road to Nowhere is available on CD baby and is worth a listen. They will likely be in your area eventually and the opportunity to see The Punknecks live is something you do not want to miss!

The Punknecks MP3 music is available for immediate download on Amazon

The Punknecks online:

Opening for The Punknecks at The Berlin was The Ex-Bombers. They were a great fit for Jason and Polly as they were also a duo on drums and guitar. Keri Cousins provides vocals and the rhythm on a small Rogers drumset. Scott Walus aides in vocals while playing a Hagstrom 8-string bass.

They bill themselves as “dirtbag spy jazz/beatnik punk duo on Cavetone Records,” and that certainly fits. They site their influences from bands like Velvet Underground, Soft Cell, Sonic Youth, Girls Against Boys, and Black Sabbath. You can imagine the vast differences in the songs they play and are adept at fitting into any crowd and headlining band.

Their full-length début album The Tightwire was released on Cavetone Records in 2012. The album was recorded entirely on open reel tape and was released only on vinyl.

The Ex-Bombers online: