Mike Shinoda brings the Monster Energy Outbreak Tour to Detroit with support from Don Broco.

Rock band Don Broco from Bedford, England gets the evening started with an enthusiastic, high-energy set.  From the get-go, they have the audience fully engaged. Lead singer Rob Damiani runs around the stage from side to side, rarely standing still.  When he does stop, he directs his energy and charisma toward the crowd to pull them in.  Along with bassist Tom Doyle and guitarist Simon Delaney, all three of them are often bouncing up and down in unison.  Simon by himself is worth the price of admission, stealing the show with his stage presence.  Wearing a pair of gym shorts circa 1970s / 1980s, he is constantly jumping, spinning and doing high kicks like he is auditioning for a cheer team.  He definitely has the attention of the photographers and many of the fans.  Their set draws from their last 2 albums Automatic and Technology with songs such as “Everybody”, “You Wanna Know”, “Come Out to LA”, and “T-Shirt Song”.  I believe they have captured many new fans from this awesome opening set.  If you have never seen them before, do yourself a favor and get out and do so.

The lights dim and Mike Shinoda takes the stage to a huge round of clapping, whistles, and cheers.  Touring in support of his 2018 solo album Post Traumatic, you would not immediately know it as the first 4 songs – “Remember the Name”, “When They Come for Me”, “In Stereo”, and “Until It Breaks” — come from Fort Minor and Linkin Park.  Finally, he plays the first of 7 new songs, “World’s On Fire”, a cool song that has fans grooving along.

Keeping things moving along, he runs through a mix of new songs and Linkin Park songs including “Roads Untraveled”, “Make It Up as I Go”, “Castle of Glass”, and “Ghosts”.  The crowd is fired up when he launches into the radio hit “Crossing the Line” from the new album.  Mike stops to recall when he was first starting out in music, he would sample from the likes of Led Zeppelin.  The next songs really pull the fans together as they sing the words to “Waiting for the End” and “Where’d You Go”.  At one point, the song transitions into very simple piano and the crowd sings in place of Mike.  You can tell these are dedicated fans and are loving every minute of the show.

Mike takes a few minutes to thank the fans for their support and remembrance of Linkin Park band mate Chester Bennington, who passed away in 2017.  Many fans in the crowd can be seen holding up signs.  He follows this up with stripped down versions of “Heavy” and the anthem “In the End”, that has just about everyone in the venue singing out loud.

The main section of the set winds down first with “About You” that starts with the stage completely engulfed in red lights as Mike starts rapping and the crowd claps and sings along.  A combination of “Over Again” and the Linkin Park hit “Papercut” close it out, while the fans scream for more.

With the fans cheering for more, Mike returns to the stage with the upbeat rap song “Petrified” from the Fort Minor album The Rising Tied.  He follows that up with a fired-up rendition of the 2002 X-Ecutioner’s collaboration song “It’s Goin’ Down”.  It has the fans waving and bouncing.  But he is nowhere near done.  “Good Goodbye”, “Bleed It Out”, and “Running from My Shadow” continue to keep fans enthralled and singing along.  Mike even drops into the pit for a while to get up close with the fans up front.  They push forward to touch him and grab photos and video with their cell phones, while Mike eats it up with a big smile on his face.  The show is closed out on an even higher note with the popular Linkin Park song “A Place for My Head”.

It is great to see Mike out on the road entertaining the fans with a career spanning set.  Hopefully, he will continue to put out more great music.  And maybe someday he will even do some new music with the rest of the Linkin Park band members.  Either way, I am sure the fans will be ready to pack the music halls.

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