The idiosyncratic rockers from the Pacific northwest get weird and rock out to a sold out performance in the Windy City.

When heading to a Melvins show, one never knows what exactly to expect. The avante gard rock group has taken no prisoners in their complete disregard for genre in their craft. Will they play tracks exceeding that of ten minutes like, “Hung Bunny,” off of their 1992 LP Lysol or should one be primed for minimalist rock songs lasting less than three minutes such as, “A History of Drunks” off of (A) Senile Animal LP (2006)? The truth is: anything is possible with the Melvins.

Starting off the night on the right foot came Mexico’s own Le Butcherettes, fronted by the firecrackingly enthusiastic Teri Gender Bender. The three-piece garage rockers kicked off the night with singles such as, “Henry Don’t Got Love,” and, “Demon Stuck in Your Eye.” Their raw rock elements as a group coupled with the unparalleled conviction of Gender Bender separated their performance from simply that of just another, “opening band.”

Soon thereafter the Melvins took to the stage under the sounds of a highly manipulated cut of Black Sabbath‘s, “Sweet Leaf,” and immediately thrusted into, “Hag Me,” off of their highly popular Houdini LP (1993). Fans marched along to, “The Water Glass,” grooved to, “Sesame Street Meat,” and rocked out to, “Night Goat.” The band’s one-hour set stood well rounded and a crowd pleaser.

To cap it all off, Teri Gender Bender hopped on stage to close with the Melvins, covering Bikini Kill‘s, “Rebel Girl.” Needless to say, their collaboration cut like a knife and wrapped up one solid evening of unapologetic and original rock music.

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Le Butcherettes
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