Lamb of God takes a detour from their current tour with Slipknot to headline local radio station’s birthday bash.

Boise’s rock radio station 100.3 The X celebrated their 20th year on air by bringing Lamb Of God, Bullet For My Valentine, Motionless In White, and Wilson for a night of heavy metal festivities.

Motionless In White took the stage to the delight of the younger female fans, whose loud joyous shrieks were clearly audible between songs. The band performed several songs from their recent album Reincarnate, including “Break the Cycle” and “Generation Lost,” as well as the title track. With a slightly longer set time, the band treated the audience to a cover of Danzig’s “Mother.”

The show really picked up speed when Bullet For My Valentine tore into their set with “Your Betrayal.” The band’s seven song set included singles “Raising Hell,” “No Way Out,” and “Army of Noise” from their latest release Venom. The crowd responded with fervor and frequent mosh pits.

After a half hour long set change, two large screens flanking Lamb Of God’s drum set began to display a series of video clips of crowds, buildings being demolished, and a little girl tearing petals from a flower. The band opened their set with “Walk With Me In Hell.” The screens projected images of war, religion, and politics through 12 more songs, including fan favorites “Something To Die For,” “Vigil,” “Laid To Rest,” and “Redneck.” The band also performed “Still Echoes” and “512” from their most recent album VII: Sturm und Drang. The Richmond, Virginia quintet’s energy never let up as vocalist Randy Blythe constantly moved about the stage, jumping off the riser, and engaging the ardent crowd. The band closed the night with “Black Label” and left the audience exhausted, but content.

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