The red carpet premiere of the fantastic new metal horror comedy, Deathgasm, was hosted in Hollywood, CA. 

On Thursday night, Dark Sky Films, the New Zealand Film Commission, and Timpson Films hosted a red carpet premiere for Deathgasm, a metal horror comedy with a soundtrack featuring Axeslasher, Midnight, Nunslaughter, Pathology, Skull Fist, Bulletbelt, Beastwars, Razorwire, 8 Foot Sativa, and Norweigan metal legends Emperor.  

Guests at the premiere included members of Body Count, Thrown Into Exile, and Fear Factory, along with director Jason Lei Howden and film stars Kimberly Crossman and Delaney Tabron.

As for Deathgasm itself?  It’s bloody fantastic! New Zealand writer/director Jason Lei Howden is a talent to watch, channeling Sam Raimi and Peter Jackson in his directorial debut. Deathgasm is a story of the heavy metal band who accidentally opens the gates to hell when they find and play a piece of demonic sheet music, and it is the best horror comedy since Shaun of the Dead.  It also brought to mind Evil Dead 2, Reanimator, and Bad Taste, which are all delightfully over-the-top horror classics. The audience roared with laughter several times during the Cinefamily screening.

Deathgasm is available on demand now on iTunes, Vimeo, Vudo, Amazon, Google Play and all your favorite video-on-demand retailers.  If you love horror, metal, and fun, this movie is for you.

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