If you’ve ever dreamed of becoming a professional concert photographer, yet have never really known how to properly go about it, the recently released Guide To Rock Star Photography, by acclaimed photographer, Matthias Hombauer, is exactly what you need.

At 168 pages this how-to guide is short, sweet, and to the point.

Hombauer, a former researcher, turned Rock star photographer, provides all the industry secrets to help the up -and -comer avoid mistakes and get their foot in the door. This book is perfect for the beginner as well as for those who may have some experience in the field already.

From the right equipment to get started, the correct settings for those dreaded red and blue spotlights favored by most smaller rock clubs, and all the way through contracts and protecting your work, this manual proves an invaluable resource to those looking to break into the field.

Personally, I’ve occasionally had to take my own photos to accompany reviews and it’s always a stressful experience. Aperture, ISO, and shutter speed settings can be intimidating to say the least. Had I gotten my hands on this manual before hand, I think all that stress would’ve been wiped away!

Yet, this book isn’t just for the beginner. In it’s second half, Hombauer shifts gears, by- passing all the things that a working photographer already knows, and focusing his attention on the business side of things. Perhaps you are already apt at taking concert photos, but need the know -how to get press accreditation, or the right way to put a portfolio together? This information, and so much more, is provided here as well. It’s like a cheat sheet to the job of your dreams.

To be clear, this book isn’t a tell-all. It’s not about what happens back stage (even though I’m certain he’s got the stories). It’s meant as a manual. A learning tool. A well constructed guide. And if you’re interested in concert photography as a career, you will most definitely want to read it.

Kudos to Hombauer for taking the time and effort to make this book available. In a field where it often seems that no one wants to share their knowledge for fear of competition, Matthias selflessly offers it up on a silver platter.

Enjoy it and see you in the pit!

If you would like to know more about Matthias Hombauers’ new awesome project click here:  “How To become a Rockstar Photographer

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The National Rock Review photography staff along with Matthias Hombauer himself will review each entry and choose seven winners to win one of the following prize packages!

Winners will be announced on July 11th. Each winner will have their photo displayed on our site along with a link to their photo gallery site.

Your information will not be used for any marketing purposes or retained. We will only use your info to contact you in the event that you win. Once the contest is over, all submissions will be deleted.

Grand Prize Winner: The Deluxe Bundle which includes the Guide, a 1-to-1 Skype coaching session with Matthias Hombauer,  his Lightroom presets (Ultimate color and black/white Rockstar look), his Lightroom workflow video, three video interviews with other concert photographers about the music business, his ultimate email template to attract bands directly, access to his secret Facebook group and a Rockstar Photographer keyring. (Total prize package value of $347!)

Second Place Winner: Pro Package which include the Guide,  his Lightroom presets (Ultimate color and black/white Rockstar look), his Lightroom workflow video, two video interviews with other concert photographers about the music business, access to his secret facebook group and my Rockstar Photographer keyring.  (Total prize package value of $97!)

Third through seventh places winners will each receive a Rockstar Photographer key ring.

You can view more details about each of these prize packages on his website here: http://www.howtobecomearockstarphotographer.com/

About The Author

Originating from Michigan, Kelly is currently residing in Las Vegas, NV. Her passion for music began at a Motley Crüe show, and since then has attended hundreds of shows, met many musicians along the way, and has continued her drive to keep rock music in the limelight. Her experiences contribute to her success as a book reviewer for Vegas Rocks Magazine and as one of the Assistant Editors for the NRR.

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