Hey, guess what? We played in Hartford last night! Ok, take it easy.

You’re still here? Well, since you’re hanging around I suppose I’ll spin a yarn, tell you a tale or two of life on the road. Where did I leave off? Oh right, we were in the dressing room. We hadn’t done anything yet except drive and drive and drive. So first of all, the show. The Webster is a pretty kickass venue, nice and big, plenty of room for the bodies of our victims. I mean the audience. We call them victims, it’s just a thing we do to make it more “cute” when we drop lawnmowers from the ceiling and make people goulash out of them. Figuratively speaking of course. But seriously, they end up damaged in some way usually and thank us for it profusely. It’s a strange dichotomy. We roll with it, though.

SO. We got to see some great local bands tear it up, which was cool. The Grey Curtain and Shadowlynx were super cool guys and really talented players. Next to None played before us, which features Max Portnoy on drums. Great young talent in that band, and good kids who are working hard.

As for our show, we’re new to all these people, so our goal is to make an impression. When we started, everyone seemed to be toward the back of the venue by the bar. By halfway through our set, a lot of them had worked their way closer to the stage, which is a good feeling. Remember that, people! The show gets better when you participate and do some give and take with the band. It’s easy to forget, but you’re there, having fun, you might as well be part of the fun and make everyone’s night better.

So anyway, by the end, there were a lot of people up front, into it, clapping along, some singing along, which I’ve always said is like having a bunch of people each lovingly handcraft a delicious sandwich for you with careful attention to layers and placement of various ingredients, and then they all throw them at your face simultaneously. Ok, I’ve never said that. I just made it up now. Shut up.

Anyway, at the end of the night we hung out at our merch table to see if anyone wanted to buy our stuff and help us keep gas in the RV. Turns out, they did! Another nice feeling. There is a TON of hard work and physical labor involved in a tour, but these payoffs are why bands keep doing it. No matter how much work you put in, if you do it right, there’s WAY more fun and good times. And we try very hard to have fun at every opportunity. If you come see us, we’ll prove it. Then hang out with us after, and we’ll prove it even harder. We’ll prove the F out of it.

Overall, good show, made some new fans, got the hell out-of-town. Wash rinse repeat. The cycle begins. The good thing was that after the show, we only had a little over an hour drive to the next venue. (Way to keep it packed tight, New England!). Which means we had time to eat dinner before rolling out. Now, here’s where things get interesting.

We decided this time around to bring a crockpot, and Tony and his girlfriend Katrina pre-made several freezer bags full of crockpot type meals. You see where I’m going with this. We set it up before the show starts, lock up the RV and do our thing. Then, after everything is packed up, and the rubble has been swept away, we peek our heads back into the RV and it smells like glorious gloriousness. Thanks Katrina!

So we ate like kings and drove to the nearest truck stop, where we got a nice long comfy sleep with no pressure of a long drive hanging over us for today. Yes, the feeling of being on tour is starting to settle in and we’re getting into it. Which can only mean good things, unless you’re in the first couple of rows at a show and forgot to wear your Kevlar underpants. But that’s a story for another day. Like TOMORROW because we have another show to tell you about! Come on, WOOSTA, you’re next up!

Imminent Sonic Destruction
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Oct 9 – The Webster Theater – Hartford CT
Oct 10 – The Palladium – Worcester MA
Oct 11 – The Chance Theater – Poughkeepsie NY
Oct 13 – St. Vitus – Brooklyn NY
Oct 14 – Club Revolution – Amityville NY
Oct 16 – Token Lounge – Detroit MI
Oct 17 – Reggie’s – Chicago IL
Oct 18 – Agora Theater – Cleveland OH
Oct 20 – McGarvey’s Bar – Altoona PA
Oct 21 – Oddbody’s – Dayton OH