In this episode, we experience more oddity, and things go from questionable to pretty great.

Hello, darkness, my old friend. In this diary post, we were whisked away to magical Poughkeepsie. Po-Kip, as I’m going to call it now, is an unusual place with a distinct personality. The Chance Theater is where we played, and it’s a very old theater (again). The venues have been one of the coolest things on this tour. So far, everyone has been full of character.

The odd thing about this show was the fact that the promoter neglected to ever mention our band at any point during her promotional duties. So we weren’t on any flyers, posters, tickets, online postings, Facebook event page, etc. Nowhere. That doesn’t change anything about the fact that we were playing, but it was still odd.

This promoter then kept pushing for the local bands to play longer sets, which ended up developing into a bit of a disagreement with the touring management. Obviously, we just took it in stride and played when we got our chance. There was some serious unprofessionalism going on at this place early on, and it threatened to affect our mood, but in the end I was very proud of my ISD brothers and our ability to transfer any aggression into our set and stay friendly with everyone. Because, you guys, we KILLED it.

We got up there and had the distinct impression this crowd had zero interest in liking us. This just made us play with that little extra edge, and by the end of the second song, the crowd was INTO us. By the time our set was done, I would venture to say that they were converts. By which I mean they were piles of corpses. Not really. But seriously, they were dead. And they loved us. Such is the conundrum and complexity of what we do.

After we had played, we were on quite a high, and the rest of the night was really fun. We had our dinner, hung out, chatted with the Fates Warning guys about how things went and how it was handled, and I think did some good tour bonding. On a personal note, I ended up having too much wine and let someone else drive. Because I’m responsible. Shut up.

Sorry about the shut up thing, you guys. You don’t have to. It’s not like I can hear you anyway. Go ahead, scream your heads off!

Next up is a day off, and we’re planning on heading to Secaucus NJ with the Fates Warning guys and setting up camp for the day. Should be relaxing. Then it’s on to Brooklyn and a show at the historic St. Vitus, which is a crazy little bar, much different from the theaters we’ve been in so far. Can’t wait to check that out.

I want you all to understand fully how kickass this all is. I’m not sure what to say to make that happen, but I’m trying. We’re having the greatest time, even with missing our families and our own comfy beds. Hopefully, this diary is interesting enough to keep it fun for all of you following along. Let us know by commenting on our Facebook page, or whatever. We love checking that stuff and chatting with you guys in our down time. Feedback is what being in a band is all about. Let us hear it! See you tomorrow, robots!

The Chance Theater, Poughkeepsie

The Chance Theater, Poughkeepsie

Imminent Sonic Destruction at the Chance

Imminent Sonic Destruction killing people. Figuratively.

Imminent Sonic Destruction
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