Howie D. from Hard Edge Radio talks to drummer Kyle Mayer from the band 10 Years.

Howie D. from Hard Edge Radio and National Rock Review recently spoke with Kyle Mayer from 10 Years. They talked about the importance of the band staying relevant, how they’ve grown and evolved over the years, what new bands he’s been getting into, their most recent album, the upcoming festival season, and more.

10 Years is one of those bands that just keeps gaining popularity as the years pass. They offer a brand of rock n’ roll that is familiar and comfortable while still managing to evolve their sound.

With an impressive arsenal of past national tours and accomplishments, 10 Years continues to deliver with both their albums and their live shows. Their most recent release, From Birth To Burial (Palehorse Records), has been praised by both the fans and their industry peers. 10 Years is currently on tour with P.O.D., Dead Letter Circus, and War Of Ages through February 16 where it wraps up in Los Angeles.

The interview with Kyle Mayer from 10 Years:

From Birth To Burial, The latest release from 10 Years:

10 Years
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