The music industry isn’t what it used to be. Bands have come up with very creative ways to fill the money coffers to keep going.

There are many ways bands are coping with finding alternative means to help keep gas in the tanks and food in their stomachs when not independently wealthy or have dirty pictures on a company executive that signs off on the expense reports. Some do barbecue dinners with fans preshow, like the Texas Hippie Coalition. Others do a campaign like Saliva is doing with certain perks for helping out the band produce the new CD. The Veer Union has their spin on VIP perks and we, at the National Rock Review border patrol station, think they have something intimate going on in a good way.

The guys are currently out on The Storm Warning Tour with Hed P.E. While we won’t spoil any secrets here, we will give fans of the band a heads up on how to have a killer personal experience with Crispin, Ryan, Dan, Tyler, and Amal. Or, at the very least, three out of the five guys and we will leave the Meatloaf song out of the equation here.

Now, here’s what you need to do. Either go up to the merchandise both and buy fifty dollars worth of sweet swag or just pay fifty big ones to the band without the pretense and get hooked up for a sweet acoustic private show after the big show is over. Just a warning, you may be put to work before your awesome payoff but just remind the guys to put the light racks far enough back and it should be a cake walk.

The video above was one of four songs that Crispin, Ryan, and Dan played for a small group of fans at the Toledo, Ohio show while still in the Realm parking lot. These small, very cool deals help pay for things like a new generator for their RV, fuel to get to the next show, and of course moonshine cold enough to help keep the vocal cords from being over stressed. To give the fans their money’s worth the guys even answered a few questions before needing to call it a night.

So, go pick up your copy of Decade, go to a show, and fork out just a little more for a memory of a lifetime.

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