Year of the Locust, a hard rock/metal band from Long Island, New York, isn’t afraid of change, and they proved that in their latest video for “Rise Up.”

Compared to their former videos, Year of the Locust‘s new video for “Rise Up” off of the band’s latest album, Devolver, has to be the most outgoing of them all. Their previous singles, “Home” and “Bottom,” managed to catch the attention of national radio campaigns in every major market in the US.

With Devolver, it’s clear that Year of the Locust has something up their sleeve based on the change in their music video taste. The band presented themselves with a simpler, unassuming image in their earlier videos, wearing street clothes and sans makeup. The “Rise Up” video has the band with face paint and clothing changes and presented in a high-energy visual. The music is aggressive, which fits well with the chosen video theme.

But fame didn’t catch these guys so easily; they worked hard touring America not once, but twice in 2015. And the touring doesn’t stop there; the band is already planning a tour to support their new album, hoping to repeat and expand the success of the last album.

Touring is an essential part of how Year of the Locust manages to stay relevant and gain fans. It’s all about the personal connections with the fans. After all, fans are everything for any band.

Be sure to check out their album, Devolver, on iTunes.

Year of the Locust
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