Intriguing, haunting, and mesmerizing, the new single and music video from Ajay Mathur has it all and drags us along on the emotional ride.

Guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter, Ajay Mathur, offers up his raw emotions, laid bare by some emotional calamity to which despair is the result. “Nothing Really Matters,” the single from his 9 to 3 album released earlier this year, paints a canvas full of despondency, and painful daily existence. His pain and passion, so easy to hear, tell a story of loss and grief. And though the lyrics drip with gloom, it is hard not to listen. Such emotion is hard to capture, and Mathur does so perfectly.

The music video for “Nothing Really Matters” is equally unsettling. Monochromatic imagery frames the music, creating a visual for the somber journey. Images of water suggest a feeling of drowning. Hands claw at a window as if to escape. A descent down a dark staircase away from the light suggests falling into the grave. The haunting images are captivating, holding the viewer in rapt attention.

The video was the brainchild of Mathur. He conceived, composed, and produced the project in collaboration with photo artist, Raffaella Bachmann.

9 to 3 is available from Amazon and iTunes.

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