Writer and director of The Jack Stupid created an animated music video for Mellowtoy starring a lonely alien.

The video takes you on a space adventure accompanied by a silent, alien-like, creature that tries to bend the laws of nature to ease his loneliness.

The band said this video represents a deep reflection on changes in the future because it talks about the struggle to make choices that impact the live’s of others. The video plays on the idea of the Watchmen character Dr. Manhattan, an immortal creature that lives in an oppressing world.

“This video talks about the fear to compromise humans relationships with wrong behavior,” said Mellowtoy. “The video itself stops on a non-concluded attempt to repair all these mistakes, keeping an open final view and giving the audience the possibility to choose its own end to this story.”

This rock/metal band from Milan, Italy features Emiliano Camellini (voice), Simone Cristanelli (voice), Diego Cavallotti (guitar), Titta Morganti (guitar), Alessandro Piccinelli (bass), and Matteo Camellini (drums). Mellowtoy’s track “Dead Colours” from their fourth album, Lies. The video was once only exclusively premiered but is now available to all.

The video was produced by Marco Coti Zelati, mixed by Kyle Hoffman, and mastered by Howie Weinberg, who has worked with legendary groups like Nirvana, Metallica, Pantera, Deftness and Limp Bizkit.



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