Poynte is a modern rock band based in Atlanta, GA. Guitarist Matt Bryant took some time to fill us in.

If you haven’t heard Poynte yet, you’re going to want to remedy that. The band has drawn comparisons to the likes of Breaking Benjamin, Red, Wovenwar and Thousand Foot Krutch. While it may sound like they’re just another radio band, many are saying there is more there: a lyrical substance and a connectivity that most bands these days seem to lack. Their first single, Hold On, has opened many doors for the band and continues to inspire. We caught up with founding member and guitarist, Matt Bryant, to see how things are going.

NRR:Poynte is a fast rising band that is receiving some great press. Has that changed the mentality of the band at all?
Matt Bryant: Yes it has. We are more driven than ever. All the positive feedback from the album and video has done nothing but prove the validity of the product we have worked so hard to create. We are working harder now than we ever have, and nothing will get in the way of that.
The band just vibes now. There is not really a specific thing that changed to make it happen, but when it did, people noticed. It’s true, if you build it they will come. I am personally humbled to work with my band and our camp everyday. A real dream come true.
NRR: The band self produced the album, Discreet Enemy, as well as their debut video for Hold On. That’s a lot hats to wear. You were heavily involved with both aspects. Where does the experience to tackle such projects come from?
Matt Bryant: Well, the answer is we don’t (chuckling). I was told once that there are three things that create success: time, money, and luck… and that it only takes a lot of one of those to make it. So far the only thing we seem to have a lot of is time. Every project that we’ve taken on, we’ve put an unbelievable amount of time researching and executing to the best of our ability. Our manager taught us to be patient, and never settle for mediocrity. That’s a lesson we will all take with us, no matter what our future holds.
NRR: With Discreet Enemy, you have really taken an artistic approach. It’s not thrown together like most bands do. There’s art, lyrical content and somewhat of a theme on the album. Was that the intent from the get go or just a happy accident?
Matt Bryant: A happy intent. The album was a release of a ton of different emotions the band had dealt with over the last few years. From botched management deals, to friends with drug problems, member changes, and of course occasional personal relationship issues. It’s all stuff we individually had to face and conquer. As Papa Roach would say, we had to face everything and rise. The album just speaks to our triumph over these things and carries an overall positive message. Music is at it’s best when it’s personal and we feel that’s why the response has been great so far. We truly shared our lives and people can relate.

Poynte – “Hold On” (Official Music Video)
NRR: You mentioned member changes, and I’d read somewhere that the band really took off after this lineup came together. What makes it different for you personally? Is it talent, dedication, chemistry, or just experience that has made such an impact?
Matt Bryant: The members definitely play a part in the overall excitement and moral of the band, which is really important when it comes to reaching goals. Honestly, the last year we have spent aligning ourselves with a lot of people that aren’t in the band. One being our manager, who has worked to no end to connect us with the industry. Through his persistence and wisdom we have all learned what it means to be dedicated. The band just vibes now. There is not really a specific thing that changed to make it happen, but when it did, people noticed. It’s true, if you build it they will come. I am personally humbled to work with my band and our camp everyday. A real dream come true.
NRR: You guys recently announced a tour. Tell us a bit about that.
Matt Bryant: We’re heading out for 28 days with Trapt and Sons of Texas. It’s hitting 14 states and this is our first national tour. We are beyond excited!
NRR:One show in particular is special to us here at NationalRockReview.Com You’re headlining at The Token Lounge in Westland, MI. Tell us a bit about that show.
Matt Bryant: Yes! That’s going to be an insanely good time. Mick McDonald, who owns NRR has asked us to do a showcase show for him. Mick has been a supporter of us since the first time he heard us, so we naturally jumped at the chance to play for him. He’s added some really cool bands to bill in Spiral Crush and Division in Time, as well. There’s a rock and roll rummage sale there too. Plus, we’ve heard Mick will have his famous BBQ there, so what’s not to love?!
NRR: Alright, I like to end on a random question. You can pick one actress to star in a Poynte music video. Who do you choose and why?
Matt Bryant: I’d probably choose Chloe Moretz. She’s played a ton of unique characters so far and she’s still really young. I think her future is massive and I’d love for our band to be a small part of her legacy. Plus, she’s also from Atlanta, so if anyone knows her, tell her we’re waiting on her to call.

2015 Life Is In Your Hands Tour:
Friday, July 17 – Kansas City, MO – Aftershock *
Sunday, July 19 – Token Lounge – Westland, MI (Detroit)***
Tuesday, July 21 – Grand Rapids, MI – Intersection *
Thursday, July 23 – Flint, MI – The Machine Shop *
Friday, July 24 – Sharon, PA – Quaker Steak *
Sunday, July 26 – Stanhope, NJ – Stanhope House *
Tuesday, July 28 – Beckley, WV – Muncheez***
Wednesday, July 29 – Johnson City, TN – Capone’s *
Thursday, July 30 – Wilmington, NC (Jacksonville) – Ziggy’s *
Tuesday, August 04 – Destin, FL – Club LA **
Wednesday, August 05 – Baton Rouge, LA – The Varsity Theatre **
Thursday, August 06 – Little Rock, AR – Revolution Music Hall **
Friday, August 07 – Springfield, MO – Outland Ballroom **
Saturday, August 08 – Tyler, TX – Clicks **
Tuesday, August 11 -Dallas, TX – Trees **
Wednesday, August 12 – Lubbock, TX – Jake’s **
Thursday, August 13 – El Paso, TX – Tricky Falls **
Friday, August 14 – Scottsdale, AZ – Pub Rock **
Saturday, August 15 – San Diego, CA – Soda Bar **

* w/Trapt, Sons of Texas, Guns Out at Sundown
**w/Trapt, Sons of Texas, Divot
***Poynte Solo Show

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