The unsigned band Coldville sits down with NRR during a break to talk about regrouping, pants sponsorships, and Michigan weather inspirations.

Coldville is a five piece outfit from Michigan and consisting of Luke Ponce (Lead Vocals), Matt Orcasitas (Guitar), Matt Millering (Drums), Aaron Lutz (Lead Guitar/Vocals), and Jimmy Blankenship (Bass). During a strenuous rehearsal, a few of the guys took a break and answered some questions for National Rock Review. So, grab your favorite pair of boxers and let’s get to the main part of this show!

NRR: Tell me about the band’s sound, how would you describe it to a new fan?
Luke: I would describe it as new modern rock with a similar sound to Papa Roach, Three Days Grace, Breaking Benjamin, Skillet, and Finger Eleven.
NRR: What’s the last song you were listening to in the car by choice?
Luke: Finger Eleven – “Whatever Doesn’t Kill Me.”
Aaron: First Punch – “Nothing more.”
Jimmy: We As Human – “Take The Bullets Away.”
Matt M.: Nothing, doesn’t work, (laughing).
NRR: How did the name for the band come about? Any special significance in to you guys?
Luke: Not really any special significance, (laughing). We went through a lot of names and headaches trying to pick a name and one night I was sitting at the computer combining different words. I thought about Michigan winter weather and how cold it can be, a band with lots of good soft songs i.e. Coldplay, a heavier band i.e. Chevelle, and eventually Coldville was created. We wanted something simple and easy for people to remember.


Official Music Video For “Let Me Stay”

NRR: Tell me about the reworking of the group in 2012. Did it save the band?
Luke: Yes. We started spending more time going through different members and re-learning the same songs, then playing shows, and moving forward with the band. We were drained and had a hard time finding a new guitarist. We were thinking of calling it quits. Then I came across a band from Grand Rapids called, 5 Minutes Late, who was no longer playing. I contacted their lead guitarist, Aaron Lutz and asked him if he was interested in trying out for a new project. We had a great practice and eventually things started feeling very positive with the band again. And we are still jamming today.
NRR: Any new projects you’d like to share with us?
Luke: No new projects, just new songs, music video for “Let Me Stay,” and a new bassist, Jimmy Blankenship. Might make a music video of our version of “Mad World.”
NRR: Tell me about the writing process for the group. Is it one or two people or is it a group effort?
Luke: A lot of our songs came from us just jamming to different ideas together at practice and some of them started off with just vocals and acoustic guitar. There is at least one song that started with vocals, one song that started with drum, one with bass, and several with guitar.
NRR: You guys have been around for a bit, what’s the most embarrassing or just plain funny moment you’ve experienced as Coldville that you’d be willing to share? Your Spinal Tap moment if you will.
Luke: I’ve managed to rip five plus jeans jumping around on stage at a show, (laughing). A pants endorsement would be great and save me lots of money, (laughing).
NRR: What summer festival do you think would fit your style and sound?
Luke: Rock on The Range for sure and several others like that one.
NRR: Your manager gets a call from band x’s people and they want you to tour. Who do you drop everything for to make it happen?
Luke: So many, (laughing). Linkin Park, Shinedown, Papa Roach, Three Days Grace, Foo Fighters, Aerosmith, Breaking Benjamin, Red, and etc.
NRR: What is the most fantastic show to date for you guys and where/why?
Luke: Papa Roach at The Orbit Room in Grand Rapids. All the staff treated us well, Jacoby came over for us after their sound check and was nice and started chatting with us. Of course, so many people rocked with us at the show and stopped by to chat with us after. An all around great night. We’ve also had several great shows at The Intersection in Grand Rapids as well and have built a great relationship with the staff there. Other venues we have played more than once and have had great experiences at include Ground Zero in Traverse City, The Machine Shop in Flint, The Music Factory in Battle Creek, The Foundry in Jackson, and The Loft in Lansing.
NRR: A company calls you to offer an adult beverage sponsorship, who would make your first few shows a little late by enjoying the new “test” bottle if you had a choice?
Luke: Depending on the company we might have to draw straws, (laughing). Hopefully no one would have to be late to shows, (laughing).
NRR: Give me the gaming platform of choice for driving in-between gigs?
Luke: We typically have two red vans that we take to out of town gigs. If it’s local we usually all drive separate.
NRR: Last one, briefs, boxers, or commando for shows? (Laughing), if you answer I will print it.
Luke: Boxers.
Matt M.: Briefs!
Jimmy: Boxer briefs.
Aaron: Boxers.



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