Transitions, changes, and life in general means it’s very hard to keep the status levels the same or higher. So, switch sides of the glass.

The name Shawn Milke might ring some bells as a member of the wildly successful band, Alesana. A family man with young kids, he has for now, at least, shifted his attention to the world that goes hand in hand with a touring band; he has started a record label. Revival Recordings, based in the Raleigh, North Carolina-area, is working at growing his roster of bands with good people and good music. And since 2012, the seeds are starting to bare fruit.

Two important things in the label’s recent history happen to be the signing of Petoskey, Michigan’s Famous Last Words and the aptly named recently released acoustic project, It’s All Acoustic. We got a chance to coax Shawn out of high-powered business lunch deals to talk to National Rock Review about the signing and new project from its roster. And sorry Alesana fans, it might be a long wait for any new music from the band. You’ll have to listen to the man and judge for yourself.

Interview with Shawn Milke of Revival Recordings and Alesana:


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Revival Recordings
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