Interviews are always special for us. Even more so when we are one of an artist’s first interviews. We behaved, no, really, really we did.

With Jake Oni handling vocal duties, Martin Andres and Brandon White on guitar, Chase Bryant on bass, and Joe Greulich on drums, they are also perhaps the first metal band to feature a Xylo-synth player, in the form of John “D.” Oni, the band, was born in Ontario, Canada. “Eternal Recurrence” is their first song and can be heard on the band’s website linked below. We tried to put it in this piece for you to hear, but the gremlins in the National Rock Review IT department have been slacking in support.


The band recently started a month-long tour with Devil You Know on the Make America Metal Again Tour. We did get to break in Jake for a few minutes of questions to get a better feel for this young rocker that shows quite a bit of promise with this band. We talked about the tour, how the experience was with Randy Blythe of Lamb of God giving guest vocals on a song, and what the heck is a Xylo-synth player.

Jake Oni of Oni Interview

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